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i have cholestasis again... which means i'll be induced 3 weeks early and that i am extremely itchy all the time. my skin is red and raw from itching. 
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Re: cholestasis

  • Ouch. I am so sorry you're going through this, especially again. Good luck to you.

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  • I absolutely feel for you. I had it last pregnancy, it's miserable and they have been testing me every visit. I know mine is either back or on it's way because of increased itchiness. Mine isn't unbearable yet but I have started taking a hairbrush to my legs. I totally feel for you. I find out in a day or two if mine is back...yet. Good luck mama and page me if you need to vent. It sucks.
  • I am on my first [successful] pregnancy, diagnosed with Cholestasis at 33 weeks. I am losing my mind. As you described, itching terribly, far worse at night, palms and feet are worse than anything else, and while lotion used to very mildly help, at least briefly, my body's scratched so raw now it's pointless. 


    Is there anything? ANYTHING? that helps? They have tried every fairly safe drug known to man, currently have me on Cholestyramine and Prednisone, planning to induce at 37 weeks.  

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  • nothing has worked for me. i don't put on any lotion (besides my face) and the meds they gave me made it much worse... i'm just suffering through. stay cool, that's the only thing that helps me... a very very tiny bit
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