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Kaydence Alexis -- birth story and PIP

Alright Ladies -- Here it goes!!

10/25 I had my 37 week appointment.  Went in and I was 3 cm -- which I was the week before and she asked if I wanted her to strip my membranes.  I agree'd and she said after doing so, I was a nice 4cm and 60%.  She told me that if I was ready to go into labor this would definatly do it and that she was hoping to have me in the hospital either that night or the following day. After leaving the appointment I immediately started having contractions.  Nothing too close, so I went home to relax.

That evening when DH got home from work and I wanted to go walk for a while.  So we went to the park, did lots of walking and timing of contractions.  To my surprise they were coming ever 2-5 mins.  I did not want to go to L&D right away so DH and I came home, watched a movie while continuing to time contractions, (still 2-5mins) and decided that after the movie since they were getting painful that I would call the doctor.  The on call doctor told me to go into L&D to be checked. 

We arrived around 10pm and was put on the monitors.  I was indeed having contractions every 2-5 mins and they were lasting any where from 2-3 mins. They checked me and I was still 4cm and 60%.  The doctor admitted me for monitoring over night.  I had asked to get up out of bed to do some walking around, bouncing on the ball, and relaxing in the jet tub.  Around 4 am they checked me again and the nurse said I was between a 4 and 5 and 100% thinned out.  I was so excited we were making progress!! I tried to rest because I was exhausted at this point, but that didnt work.  So I got up to continue walking.

At 630am the doctor who was on call the night before came in and checked me, and he told me that i was still 4-5 and that I was 90% thinned.  I was stunned that I was going in the wrong direction!!  He explained tho that everyone's finger sizes are different so you'll get different opinions/readings each time.  He told me the next doctor started at 7am and he was going to leave the decisions up to her.

9am came -- and my nurse came into the room and said, well dear I'm afraid to tell you but I think their going to send you home.  I was shocked!! She said the doctor thinks your just having BH and she wants you to go.  She told me that she wanted me to get up immediately and bounce on the ball to let the doctor know how much pain I was in (at this point the contractions were in my back) and to let her know that I did not want to leave.  By 930 the doctor came in and explained that she wanted me to go home because she thought it was false labor and that I was not progressing as I should if I were in real labor.  But she wanted to check me just to be sure.  So she did -- and she said um honey, your still 4-5 but your not 60% -- your 90% and your in labor.  (Well, duh!! Thats what I was already told -- but come to find out that they never changed me from a 60 to a 90 in the computer system and thats why she thought It was false labor -- and was seeing that I was not making progress when I indeed was!) She told me she wanted to break my water to get things progressing!!

10am - Water broken!!! Finally!! -- by 1015 I was in soo much pain from the contractions I asked to be put back in the tub.   By 1045 I was having no relief, so I wanted my epidural -- quick!!

1130 after finally getting the 2 bags of fluid they require before the epi -- they got me out of the tub and back into bed to get prepared.  At 1145 the anesthesiologist came  in to chat with me and discuss what he was going to do.  (I was not interested in conversation -- I just wanted to feel better!! By 1230 epi was in ans I felt great!! I fell asleep!! 2pm the nurse came in to check me.  She told me that if I was not progressed that she would start pitocin to help things along.  To everyone's surprise i was 8 cm. I was excited that I was actually doing this all myself!!

315 the nurse came back to check me again and i was fully dilated!!! She went to call the doctor and came back to tell me she was with a patient in the office, but as soon as she was finished she would hurry over.  At this point I was not feeling pressure or the need to push -- so I continued to relax.  

Around 4 the doctor arrived, and came into the room to get things set up.  I started pushing by 410.  Kaydence was born at 445.  She weighted 7lbs 2.2oz and was 19.5 inches long.  She is extremely healthy and doing great!! She cried for 2 seconds after birth and that was it. DH said the best part was when they placed her skin to skin with me and he said she looked up at me and smiled!! :)

We are both doing great and glad to finally have our little girl at home!!







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