1st Trimester

OMG-First ultrasound showed....

TWINS!!  I can't believe it! Im so happy. No heartbeats yet...RE said its still slightly early. He's bringing me back in a week and we should see something. For now, I am just happy with what I saw on this ultrasound :-)

TTC since September 2010, annovulatory
One cycle 50 mg with gynecologist, BFP--->CP
Went to RE, Second cycle with 50 mg clomid, no ovulation
Third cycle with clomid, this time 100 mg, (+)ovulation, BFN
Fourth cycle with clomid 100mg, no ovulation
5th cycle with clomid 200 mg....no response
Husband's SA = normal
Gonal F + ovidrel, 10/2/11- IUI #1...BFP! Beta #1-529, Beta #2 1200, Beta # 3 2409
First US shows TWINS!!!
Second US shows two little heartbeats

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Re: OMG-First ultrasound showed....

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