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I'm driving myself crazy... (whiney vent)

So I understand that I have not even reached my due date yet, and I also realize that there are many other moms on this board who are overdue by a week or more.. but can I still complain about not having my outside baby yet?? :-/

I think what makes me so anxious/nervous/excited/frustrated/jealous/etc the most is that I personally know 4 women who were pregnant as well. I saw "were" because 2 of them already had their babies early.. and the other 2 that had due dates after me, are currently in labor as we speak.

Don't get me wrong, I am super super excited for all 4 of these women (and all of you ladies on here that are finally getting to meet your LOs) ... but it's just making the wait for me that much more awful.

I am trying to see the positive side of things.. but honestly, when I just found out one of my friend's was in labor today, I had no energy to do anything.. I cried!! Who cries when a friend goes into labor?!?

Sorry this is so long and extremely complain-y .. but I guess I warned you all with the title of it haha :-p

Is anyone else who is still pregnant going back and forth between excitement and jealousy for all the other moms with outside babies? Or am I the only crazy one...

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Re: I'm driving myself crazy... (whiney vent)

  • exact same thing.

    I have a friend due 2 weeks after me, and due to GD and other things - she will probably be induced before me.  I definitely dont want to have GD or issues that cause early birth, but no fair! 

    However, I just keep reminding myself that my baby will be the biggest. 

  • Yeah don't feel bad. My friend was due five days before me....and her son turn two weeks old on Monday....and I am already seeing November 2011 board babies being born left and right! I have been stuck at 1cm since 35 weeks, and after two membrane sweeps and now at 40w5d.....I am still not showing any progress. I go in tomorrow night to be induced.
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  • Ugh... I feel the same way. Every time I hear someone has had their baby I get soooooo jealous and sad. :( My husband keeps telling me to stay strong and hold out but it's sooooo hard. I get induced on Monday. :( been hoping / praying to go into labor on my own before then.
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  • I'm definitely the same way. Was watching Friends the other day and it was one of the episodes where Emma's a tiny baby...and my response was to call Rachel a lucky b****. My husband couldn't help but laugh at me a bit. :) We'll get through it, the babies have to come out eventually! (due 4 days ago, btw)
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