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XP: Breech at 34/35 Weeks

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I had my 3D/4D u/s yesterday, and we found out for sure that LO is breech. Frank breech, I believe. I thought that he was because of where I felt the kicking/punching and where I thought his head was. He was in the same position he was in at our a/s, so he must like it right there.

At my 32 week appointment my doctor said that she doesn't like patients to know the baby's presentation that early because there is still time for him to turn. Well, while there is still time, it's starting to run out.

I have my 34 week appointment today, so I will be discussing it with my doctor then.

Anyone else's LO breech at 34/35 weeks? What has your doctor said about what the plan is going forward?
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Re: XP: Breech at 34/35 Weeks

  • At my 36 week appointment my baby was head down and then I found out my baby decided to flip into a breech position at my 37 week appointment. People are still telling me there is time but I'm coming up to 39 weeks on Monday and don't have another appointment until Wednesday.

    They want to attempt to flip the baby by doing an ECV on Monday but I'm still not 100% if I want that done. I've been trying some of the suggestions on spinningbabies.com so I'm hoping he just flips back on his own. If he doesn't I'm getting a c-section but they haven't scheduled a date yet.

     Good luck!

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  • Our LO is still breech... I can feel it. But DS 1 was breech was until 37 weeks and flipped the night before the follow up ultrasound.
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  • This baby flipped to head down last week.  It took her about 3 days to do it but she did.

    My niece flipped at 41+ weeks, so they really can flip at the bitter end.  (She flipped to breech but thats a whole different story.)

    My first didn't flip at all, and by the time they believed me, I didn't have enough fluid to try an EVC.  I ended up with a c/s and it was fine.


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  • My LO flipped to frank breech at 36 weeks and I went to a chiropractor who did the webster technique and she flipped back around the next day and I was 37 weeks at the time. I was scheduled for a c-section on the 10th but since she flipped they didn't do it. I will say now that I am approaching 42 weeks pregnant I wish I would have taken the c-section :) 42 weeks is not a mark you want to hit its very tiring.
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  • My lo was breech at 28 weeks and while I haven't had an ultrasound since, at 34 weeks my doc felt around and believed he was still breech. I did some tricks on spinningbabies.com and well as tried moxibustion and I think he has flipped head down this week. I don't feel a large bulge up in my rib cage any longer, which had previously been his head and the majority of movement/stong jabs is up under my breast bone...so I'm hoping monday at my appt they'll confirm he's head down. You have time....have faith in your lo and do everything you can to get him to turn naturally...most have a very good chance of working. GL!

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  • DS was breech at that point and we scheduled a version to try to flip him. I also tried lots of at-home positioning techniques. My water broke and I went into labor at 3am the morning of the day we were supposed to have the version done. I had to have a c/s.

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