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What is your evening routine?

Re: What is your evening routine?

  • Get home, take a shot of vodka, start dinner, have another shot of vodka, help DD with home work/read for 20 minutes, take a shot of vodka, eat dinner, with vodka, clean up dinner and house for at least 20 minutes, take a shot of vodka, get ready for bed, end the night with a nightcap of whiskey.


    Its all completely true. minus the vodka and whiskey :)


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  • I get home at 5 - nanny leaves at 5:30 so I take out the dogs and try to get one house chore done (load of laundry or dishes or whatever) then its hand off and DD and I play until DH gets home at 7, hand off to DH and I cook dinner, baby gets bath, bottle, book and BED - she usually passes out in my arms and DH and I watch a little tv - then she and I go to the room and she goes down in her bassinett and me in the bed by 10:30pm
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    • I get home with the kids at 5, start dinner
    • help DD with homework while we are cooking
    • DS plays in his room or with SO
    • eat by 5:45
    • dishes and clean up
    • hang out and read, talk, play a game until 7
    • kids in the shower
    • DS in bed at 7:30
    • pick up the house a little, make sure DD has school uniforms clean
    • DD in bed at 8:30
    • I throw a load of laundry in and watch TV with SO
    • knit a little
    • we kill some zombies together
    • in bed by 11:30


    Sometimes we have soccer or skating practice at 6... SO just makes dinner before we get home so we can eat and get to practice.  All heavy cleaning happens on the weekends.

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  • Depending on the day I'm office work at either 6 or 6:30. If it is at 6:00 I cook dinner while the nanny is still there, otherwise I wait for DH to come home. After dinner we hang out until 7:45 when my daughter gets milk and watches a prerecorded PBS show before bed. The baby gets a bath at that time. My nanny does my daughter's bath prior to all of this so that is not on my plate.

    Normally my husband puts my daughter to bed at 8:15. The little guy is still all over the map -- sometimes he'll nap and go to bed very late, some times he'll just be up until 9:30 and crash. Around month 5 or 6 we'll probably put him on a schedule rather than let him do his own thing. Then my daughter will go down around 8:15 and he'll go down around 8:30 I think. (or at 7:45 depending if that seems to work better).


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  • DS is 10 months.

    Pick him up from daycare and we're home between 5:45-6:00.

    Put BM in fridge, toss dirty pump parts, bottles, and lunch containers next to sink.

    DH usually gets home between 6:00-6:10

    We change and play with DS until 6:30 when gets a diaper and pjs.

    Nurse and start the bedtime routine

    DS usually goes down around 6:50-7:10

    Then we make (or heat up) dinner, wash and prep everything for the next day, eat, tidy up a bit, and then either relax, veg, do more chores, read, or whatever for another 1-2 hours.

    We're usually in bed around 10-10:30. 

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  • DH gets LO from DC at 5pm and gets home minutes later (DC is at the end of our sub), I get home at 530, we play until bathtime at 730pm on bath nights (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) or 8pm on non-bath nights.  LO goes to bed at 8pm, then it's dinner time.  I make food on Sunday for the week so I don't have to cook during the week.  After dinner I shower while DH cleans up the kitchen.  After my shower I get LO's food ready for the next day.  Then depending on how I feel, I either relax with DH or clean the house.  I try to get to bed between 11pm and midnight.
  • DH picks up DD from daycare between 5:30 and 6, they get home 6:15-6:30 (depending on how long DD delays coming home); they play, have a snack, watch TV, etc. until I get home around 6:30-7.  If I get home on the early side, DH will make dinner while I hang out w/ DD and then we will all eat around 7:30 and then DD's bedtime routine starts around 8.  If I get home closer to 7, one of us will make something super quick for DD - sliced ham, chicken nuggets, ravioli, etc. so she can eat first and then we'll eat a little later - sometimes closer to 8.  I normally try to eat before I put DD to bed or else I get antsy and annoyed w/ her and it just drags the night out.  I only give her a bath every 3 or 4 days. 

    DH normally relaxes while I put her to bed and then after I come back down, I'll relax for a bit too and then clean up the kitchen and/or try to do some prep for the next night.  She really doesn't eat much in the mornings before school anymore - a cup of dry cereal in teh car and a sippy of milk so I just do that in the mornings. 

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  • Home around 5:15, put on a show for DS while I cook dinner, we eat around 6pm, play with him from 6:30-7, bath at 7, hang out and do odd chores until we put DS to bed at 8pm.
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    Home around 5:15, put on a show for DS while I cook dinner, we eat around 6pm, play with him from 6:30-7, bath at 7, hang out and do odd chores until we put DS to bed at 8pm.

    this. except bedtime is 7:30.

  • Home at 5:45 (DH picks up DS earlier and starts dinner)

    Hang out/play until dinner at 6:30

    Bath at 7:00

    7:30 Watch an episode of one of DS's shows or read a few books

    7:50-???? try in vain to get child to sleep

    My kid is not a sleeper.  It's rough every.single.night.  I envy those of you who take 5 minutes to put your kids to bed.

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  • Are you looking for more indepth responses than just "Run around trying not to lose my mind until I go to bed"?  Wink

    H and I split pickup, but it ends up being all of us home by about 5:45.

    Immediately feed DS.

    Then get to work on our dinner - usually something fairly simple.

    DH, DD and I eat our dinner together, while DS has snacks/plays in his high chair.

    Some nights we fit in a bath for one or both kids.

    6:45 -7ish, DS is in jammies, nurses, goes to bed.

    DD goes to bed at 8.

    We fit cleaning up in there somewhere. Prepping for the next day as well.

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  • Kids are 4 and 2.5.

    Pick up kids from bus stop or daycare 4-5pm (depending on day of week)

    Outside play if weather permits 'til dinner

    dinner 5:30ish

    more outside play if weather permits

    6:30 head upstairs; bath/shower, brush teeth, get in pj's by 7pm

    7:00 books, songs, snuggling; lights out by 7:30

    me in bed before 11 (long before 11 most days)

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  • Pick up kids; get home around 4pm; play with kids a little; start dinner while kids are playing (usually DD is underfoot).  Eat dinner, DH does dishes, take kids upstairs for bath. Watch 2 episodes of Curious George. I put DD down, DH puts DS down.  He then will play video games, while I grade papers, Bump, online shop, or something of that nature. We need to work on spending more quality time together.

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  • I pick up DS from daycare around 4.

    Get home, change into comfy clothes (this is a must) put DS in his jumparoo in the kitchen while I get all my pumping supplies clean and empty bottles into liners/freezer bags. Usually takes about 20 minutes. I try and throw a load of laundry in at this time also.

    We then have play time, whether it be tummy time, toys, etc.

    Around 5:30-6, depending on the meal, I'll get food prepped. I pick easier meals for the week, and put DS on a blanket with toys. He can see me, so we talk through it so he doesn't get too bored.

    DH comes home around 6:30. We try and eat pretty close to 6:30. DS is in his high chair while we eat, he gets his food now. Him being able to sit in his high chair and eat has made dinner time run SO much smoother.

    We then alternate nights, one of us does bathe/book/bottle routine with DS, the other one does dishes/folds laundry/etc. DS is usually down for the count between 8-9.

    I pump for the last time and sit down and relax with a beer. :)

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  • 6:30- get home and serve dinner (when done kids clear their own dishes to the sink)

    7:00-7:45- play with the kids

    7:45-8:00- Bedtime (bath every other day)

    after the kids go to bed I spend about 1-1 1/2 hours cleaning and setting up for the next day.   Then the rest of the night is mine Stick out tongue which usually means I go to bed.

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  • 5:00 - get home and start dinner

    5:15 - Try and feed baby while keeping up with dinner

    6:00 - eat dinner and clean up after dinner also tidy up house and wash bottles

    6:20 - Play with DD

    7:00 - DH give DD a bath and I get to watch a quick show

    7:20 - books, abc song, and DD goes to bed

    7:40 - I get a glass of wine and watch another show and off to bed

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  • DS and I get home about 515pm-530pm.  I set him up with something to play with in the kitchen while I make dinner.  I cook on the weekends so it's mostly reheating.  After dinner we play and hang out.  Bath at 730 then bed.  Then I walk the dog while DH cleans up dinner.  8pm on is our time to hang out together or do our own thing.  Lights out between 930pm and 10pm. 
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