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Cord Blood Banking

I am just starting to read information on this. has anyone done this? I don't really have any friends that have... so curious to hear people's thoughts?
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Re: Cord Blood Banking

  • I plan on donating as well.  Each place is different but $1200 is pretty expensive for us.
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  • what is the difference with donating? you just give the cord blood but cannot store it?
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  • if u save it for a family member you have yo pay but if you give it to the public then it is free
  • I think donation is the way to go. Even my Dr. was like its really expensive and really only cures a small amount of dieases. Do some research and see what you come up with. GL to you.
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  • DH and I discussed it. Essentially, if you bank it for yourself, it's really expensive and who knows if it will still be good if you need it (and the chances it will be needed are really really low). 

    We agreed that it would make sense if there was some disease that runs in our family which the cord blood could help. Since there isn't, we'll donate.

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  • We're just donating ours. I talked with my midwife about letting the cord pulse until the end, but she actually thought we'd be able to pulse for awhile AND donate. Banking costs a mint and many of the diseases you'd expect to be able to use your cord blood for are ones where, if your baby gets that condition, they won't use it's own cord blood cells anyway.
  • I would look at your family and see if there are any diseases/issues that cord blood can really help to see if you even have a chance of using it.  It's like $1500 to collect from the cord blood bank, at least $100 a year to store, and my doctor charges $250 to do it as well. 

    If you think you at all might need it, do it.  If the possibility is slim, then I wouldn't because it's just so expensive.  However, it's a personal decision and you should think about it because you only get one chance.  I also have heard that different ethnic groups have harder times finding matches in the general registry than others.

    If your hospital has donations that might be something to consider as well (it's usually free).  Mine does not do donations yet, but I know other hospitals in my area do.  It can save someones life and you should do it if you can.

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  • Clearly its a very personal decision....I don't have any family history that would REALLY require me to do the cord blood storage but I still decided to do it.  To me its almost like taking out a life insurance policy so I think the cost is worth it.  Most of my friends have done it for their children so I got a lot of information about it from them.  As others pointed out you should do research and figure out if its the right thing for you and your family and whether you can afford it.
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  • We will not be doing this. The cost-benefit analysis does not make sense for people who have little to no risk factors for the rare conditions that cord blood could help with. Plus there is no guarantee that the banked blood will be useable in the event it's actually needed. I put this product in the same category as life insurance for children - one that preys on the fears of new parents. 

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  • THis is indeed a very personal decision.  THink of it as insurance, you need to have but hope ou never need it.  Click here,  for a cute video and information about it


    also check out the FB page here for coupons and sweepstakes


    joyce@mazelabs.com www.mazecordblood.com
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