Cyst aspiration? Guidance needed...

Good evening ladies, hope all is well with everyone. I am in need of some advice/information regarding cyst aspirations.

I had my basline u/s yesterday and the lovely cyst that canceled my last IVF cycle was still haning around - despite being on the bcp. I was devestated and figured the cycle would again be postponed. Well, they called today and said my estrogen was 17 and the cyst was non-functional; therefore, we could wait until next cycle or they could aspirate the cyst.

Has anyone had this done? What is the procedure like...what is the recovery period? Sorry, the nurse called me at work and I didn't ask many questions...I think I was surprised this cycle could still be a go.

Any advice or personal stories would be welcome...TIA.

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Re: Cyst aspiration? Guidance needed...

  • I had a cyst aspirated this last cycle. Mine was functional so it had to be drained to prevent delaying our cycle. It was painful. But it was very quick. They offered me Valium, but I had to go back to work, so I just got ibuprofen. They use a speculum like a pap, then the transvaginal ultrasound, then insert a needle through the vaginal wall and drain it. The actual draining is the painful part, but it lasted about 15 seconds. Hope that helps! Good luck!

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  • Ohhh sorry!  I have had a cyst aspirated also.  It was definitely one of the more uncomfortable experiences to date but it's not painful.  I didn't have any recovery period at can go about your normal business.  Tylenol or acetaminophen was recommended for discomfort after (I've always been told not to take ibuprofen because it can affect ovulation). 

     Don't's worth the discomfort! 

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