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Mealtime Mayhem

My five year old daughter refuses to eat! She turns every meal into a battle. As soon as we sit down to the table it's every excuse in the book, she has to go potty, she's tired, she needs more drink, she's not hungry, she doesn't like the food, she's sick to her stomach, anything and everything. I'm so tired of it I could literally scream! And with my pregnancy with our second child my temper is running short and I'm done with the fighting. Help please!

Re: Mealtime Mayhem

  • I think a lot of people here only have younger kids. Most of us on the parenting board have kids 5 years or older, so you might want to ask there. I personally don't have the same problem you do (my kids do that sometimes, but it isn't a regular problem), but there are several with kids who have issues with eating and mealtime.

    There is also a pre-school and school-aged board.  

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