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Help: Night Waking/Screaming

DD is almost 20 months old and for the past 3 weeks, she has been waking up about every other night screaming. Literally, it will be dead silent and them screaming and calling out 'Mommy'. It's not her normal whingy whiney teething cry, it truly sounds like she's scared.  So when I go in to check on her, she's standing in her crib, sometimes nearly jumping too, so I pick her up and she grasps onto me like there's no tomorrow. Gripping my neck and hanging on to me. She's usually breathing quick shallow breaths like shes afraid of something.  HELP!!! I've googled this and think it may be night terrors, but when I hold her, she is comforted and wants me, unlike the night terror descriptions. Is it nightmares? night terrors? super duper severe teething?? (maybe more molars are coming in)     Anyone dealt with this? I'm looking for ideas of what it might be, insight from those who've dealt with this, or things I can do to prevent it. It scares me!  Also, her room is pitch dark, maybe shes old enough to be afraid of the dark and needs a night light??? IDK.  Thanks for your help!!   And I do have a Drs appt this week in regards to this.
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Re: Help: Night Waking/Screaming

  • My LO went through this a few months ago... But it only lasted a week, not 3. I assumed they were night terrors, just in case we did leave a little night light on out in the hallway and left her door open so it wasn't so bright to keep her up, but just enough so she could see around her. Finally she stopped doing it, I am still unsure of the reason.. but yea, it scared the crap out of me, too!
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  • No advice here.  Sorry to say we are in the same boat with our 15 mo old DS.  Only things that helped are to let him sleep in our bed for a little and put him back into his crib and letting him sleep in his diapers.  Between his screaming and DH's snoring I'm ready to sleep in the car so I can get my rest.
  • My son has had a few night terrors. He's younger than your DD though. But in my reading the suggestions I saw were night light and classical music. Also being over tired can exacerbate the issue. And a weird one for us, is we keep the door to his closet closed. So if he opens his eyes its just a wall instead of darkness that can make scary objects. Oh and a lovey. 
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