Do American Girl dolls ever go on sale or have coupons?

Avery has decided that she really really really wants one (and it will be ignored after December 28.)  Before I just fork over the cash, is there ever a way to get a discount or is the catalog price just what you have to pay?
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Re: Do American Girl dolls ever go on sale or have coupons?

  • The dolls, unfortunately don't.

     However there is a free shipping coupon code that is going on now. 172172 It is free shipping for anything over $50.

    On Cyber Monday they usually have a good sale for accessories, furniture, clothes--bits and pieces, but not the dolls. 


  • Two years ago, I found (or someone here found for me) a 10% off coupon and free shipping.  I spent a CRAZY amount of money that year basically saving almost the cost of a doll.  LMAO!  I was SO excited to have a coupon!  (In my defense, I bought the presents from my mom, Joe's mom, Joe's sister, my sister and then from Santa so it was really not a lot just out of my own pocket!)

    I have yet to ever find another coupon.  :(  And trust me, I look.  She gets something from there every Christmas.  This year is Kanani (her choice).  I wish I could get free shipping, at least.  They are offering free shipping right now but it's on the two new New Orleans dolls and that's it. 

    If you find one, let me know.  If I find one, I'll page you!  :)

  • FWIW you can get the Bitty Twins which are 15" (the size of Bitty Baby) for the same price as one 18" doll.  Or if you go to the store they sell them individually for $60 or the regular price of 2 twins for $100.  Not sure if that would work for you, I am going with my Mom to AG for DD's 3rd birthday and she will get one or two of the Twins and probably a matching dress for DD.
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  • stare - thanks for the code!  I can't even find WHERE to enter it.

    I just went through and tried to order Kanani's collection and there is no space on the billing/shipping/summary page to enter a promotion code!??  There is an option for gift card, gift certificate and key code (magazine code) but no place to put the promo code?!?!?!?  WTF?!

    I HATE paying shipping!  And my best guess is that the collection will not go on sale (even on Cyber Monday) so I just want to get it ordered now and be done with it.  One less expense in December!  :) 

    Do you know where I can enter the promo code? 

  • It's on the shopping cart page, where it says keycode on the top right.
  • Starearedk...Thank you for the shipping code!! Just got DD her doll for Christmas.
  • Thanks for the code! I will use it too!
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  • Sweet!  Kanani and dog on on their way!  And I got her some doll earrings (since she lost all of hers! Argh!) for her stocking.  So two presents and one stocking stuffer - DONE! 


    Thanks for the free shipping.  I absolutely loathe paying shipping.

  • Glad to help!


    It is enter under key code :)


    I love free shipping time. Just a heads up--because American Girl follows somewhat of a pattern--they typically have free shipping in October/November and around March. 


  • Any idea when the free shipping code expires?  I'm still trying to shake down exactly what it is she wants and decide what I am willing to spend.
    Jenni ~~Alex & Avery ~~ 6/13/06~~Adam ~~3/26/08

  • From what I recall it expires on November 6th.




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