Wow people really don't support you when BFing do they!

I'm having minor supply shortage, we were at 3 2 oz bottles of supplemental formula practically since birth now I'm down to one a day:whoot.  I'm taking all these gross herbs, pumping after feedings, eating what I'm supposed to, making sure I drink, yada, yada.  I make sure I don't eat things that will bother LO, can't enjoy a giant margarita and all these other sacrifices and all I hear all day long is: "Just give him a bottle." 

I'm wavering every day to quit BFING and I manage to stay strong enough to keep going even with all the just quit advice.  Would it be soo hard for someone to say: wow, good job, way to make the extra effort, I know that can't be easy.  Sheesh

So, GOOD JOB ladies!!

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Re: Wow people really don't support you when BFing do they!

  • Wow, good job! I know its not easy! lol

    seriously- try not to let people get you down! I am feelings so lucky that my DH is so supportive after reading this post. Just because I have wavered a few times, and every time I tell him about it he reminds me why I am doing it and that I wanted this for our LO, etc. I probably would have quit by now if he and  others constantly told me to!

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  • Congratulations to you!

    My LO will only take about 2 oz of BM from a bottle and completely refuses formula, so when people tell me to switch to formula I tell them its impossible. LO loves her some fresh booby juice :)

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  • People dont understand.  You are doing a great job. 

    I BF my LO for 13 months, but I dont understand parents that think formula is poison.  I have a guy at my office that told me this because another woman decided that pumping was too much for her at work. 

    I believe BM is best, but I will not have a hungry baby.  And every momma/baby have their own issues with breastfeeding.  Luckly for me, my biggest problems were the pain (in the a$$) of pump and alittle real pain with teeth came in.  LOL. 

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  • No people are not supportive of BFing at all. You're doing awesome and are giving your baby something wonderful!
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  • Those people who say just give a bottle were obviously never comitted BFers.  Those are not the people you should be confiding in because that's all the advice you'll get.  I learned when I wanted a natural delivery that some things people just can't/won't support unless they did it themselves. Ignore the pessimistic ones and remember you are doing a good job!  Because BFing is not easy and it does take a lot of effort. 
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  • I have a lot of friends who are in the mindset of 'just give the baby a bottle', simply because it is easier...... I guess I'm really lucky that the only two woman I work closely with both BF'd their children and are into organic food and formula creeps them out. They have been coaching me my whole pregnancy since they know I want to BF. They pumped at work and one of them pumped for 16 months with their first child. Most of the men I work with have children and their wives BF'd too. My mom BF me and my Aunt BF for 2 years. It is nice to be surrounded by people who are very supportive and encouraging me to BF.  The person I share an office with said that he'll gladly blast music to cover up the pumping sound so I can work at my desk rather than bring walk up to the HR's reserved conference room for me to pump in. 
  • You are doing a great thing for your baby and making a lot of personal sacrifices! 

    I am back to work and unable to keep up pumping with what my LO eats.  When I think about my journey becoming a mom I have to say I am disappointed in the lack of support for breastfeeding moms - my mom had her children in the early 80s and she says not much has changed in terms of bf support. Boo.

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