Fenugreek and other herb users, come in please...

Did you notice any changes in your baby's sleep habits since starting the herbs?  My DS is up every 1-2 hours at night feeding, and that is even after his one bottle of formula in the day.  I know every kid is different but my daughter was giving us 5hr stretches well before this point and I had supply issues with her as well.  My son is at least 3.5lbs heavier than my daughter too, so I thought he'd sleep better, but I guess that just means he needs more?!

I'm taking: fenugreek, nettle, alfalfa and more milk special blend 3xday (3pills each time, 2 droppers full)

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Re: Fenugreek and other herb users, come in please...

  • I am just taking fenugreek right now (3pills/3x a day) and I haven't noticed any differences in sleep habits with LO....I also haven't noticed any increase in my supply either so im not sure if fenugreek is going to do the job for me. I am seeing my ob tom for my 6 week checkup so I am going to ask about a prescription instead...
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  • I'm taking More Milk Plus and I haven't noticed any negative changes with my son's sleeping.  I haven't noticed anything with my supply either. 

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  • I THINK my LO is more gassy?  Which is waking her up?  Either that or it's the 3mo growth spurt.  I am only doing 3 fenugreek 3x per day.
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