3rd Trimester

back labor

anyone have pains on lower back instead of in the front when in labor? how does one know its back labor? 

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Re: back labor

  • I had this with my first son for two weeks.....ughhh and then at 41 weeks they induced me! I have had it with my other two but not that long, but still had to be induced. 

    So I hope in your case it means there is some forward momentum! :)

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  • Well I haven't exactly experienced labor yet.. but I already know I'm going to have all the labor pains in my back.. I can't wait :-x

    Every time I get a "crampy" feeling, or what feels to me like BH.. I always have it in my lower back. When I would get my period (seems so long ago) I would only get cramps in my back, so I'm assuming it's the same reason I'm experiencing pain there now.

    FWIW, my OB said my uterus is "retroverted" ?? Which I think means it tilts towards my back? All I know is that whatever shape my uterus/cervix is in, is the reason why I have more back pain than in the front.. maybe that is why some of us have more back labor than towards the front?

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  • I did not have back labor with my first two, but did tell doc today that I've been having some very severe low back pain that takes my breath away for sure. She said not to worry, all just sounds as if things are "in the works".
  • I was in labor, and didn't know it, because I didn't have the menstrual cramp feeling they describe when one is really in labor. Don't get me wrong, I was uncomfortable and it hurt my lower back, but I just thought it was BH and was laying down all day drinking water and taking baths trying to make them stop! I didn't know I was in labor until I went in at 9pm and they confirmed with the contraction monitor (and dilation).

    This time, I plan on doing hands and knees positions several times a day (I need to start!) to get the baby to settle into my front more instead of my back. Also they say don't recline seated but lean forward when you are resting so the baby starts to get the hint. 

    I didn't feel menstrual cramp feelings or pain in the front at all until they broke my water at 8 1/2 cm, and then it really hurt! 


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  • I am really no help, but a coworker of mine was having some pretty bad back pain at 37 weeks, went for a checkup the next day and she was 5cm dilated and in active labor. Had her son 5 hours later.
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  • With my son 15 years ago, it was all back labour. My water broke at home and I didnt have a contraction until I was at the hospital 30 minutes later. An epidural does nothing for the pain BTW, I felt every butt clenching, back spasm. Im hoping its different this time around :S 
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  • If you have back labor you know it.  Most of the contraction pain is in your lower back and the pain doesn't end when the contraction does

    ETA:  DS was born posterior which is what caused my back labor.  This time I'm seeing a chiropractor regularly through the end of pregnancy to make sure everything is lined up to make it easier for baby to turn anterior.  I'll also go in for an adjustment (if possible) when I'm in early labor.


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  • I have always had bad back period cramps so when i was in labor with my 1st i didnt even realize it. It sucked sooo bad. good luck to you!!!
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  • I had back labor with my daughter. They injected lumbar wheals in my back and could actually see her head turning away from my spine. SOO much relief!

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  • When I was in labor with DD, I had no idea because it felt like menstrual cramps with bad lower back pain. So I stayed home overnight, and in the morning my water broke at home. I got to the hospital around noon and pushed on and off (with no progress) for almost 5 hours! The back pain just became more intense during active labor, to where I'd arch my back with the pain, and in turn losing any progress of baby coming out. My doctor was unavailable, so finally a doc from another practice shows up (never met him!). He says baby's facing up (towards my belly) and the back of the head puts all that pressure on your back. This also makes it horribly harder for baby to come out! So after hours of excruciating pain and no progress, dr performed an episiotomy and DD was out in seconds.

    My belly never hurt, and if it did, the back pain didn't let me notice it. 

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