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teeth grinding/jaw clenching?


 I am seven weeks pregnant and for the last week the right side of my  jaw has been really sore. My husband is a dentist and he thinks I might be grinding my teeth at night. I have never been a teeth grinder, and am wondering if this is part of pregnancy. Has anyone else experienced this?


Re: teeth grinding/jaw clenching?

  • I am only 5 weeks pregnant but I noticed the left side of my jaw hurting right about the same time I found out I was pregnant.  It's still and hard to open in the morning but it eases up throughout the day.  I thought maybe it was my nerves and stress making me clench my teeth at night.
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  • I've caught myself clenching my teeth at random throughout the day.  I'm a nighttime grinder though, so I don't know if there's any correlation
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  • I've definitely been clenching my teeth at night recently, and sometimes find myself doing it during the day as well.  I've always clenched when stressed, so for me I didn't think of it as pregnancy, but I suppose it could be!  Mind you, the difference now is where my tongue lies in my mouth, way further forward than normal.  Totally weird. 

    I have a wonderful DH and a beautiful baby girl, C.  Baby 2 due 6/1/14.

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