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Quite possibly the oddest problem...

I'm so completely and totally confused...the ONLY place my LO will ever get a good night's sleep is in her stroller. We had her in her crib from the first day we brought her home from the hospital so it's not about her not being used to her crib. One day she fell asleep in her stroller when we went out for a walk and stayed asleep for a couple hours straight (which for a nap for her was unheard of). That night desperate for a decent amount of sleep we let her go to bed in her stroller and it was the first time she ever slept thru the night. Usually she'd be up every 2 hours. I actually woke up several times and was so nervous that she hadn't woken up that I had to make sure she was breathing. I don't want to make it a habit so we put her in the crib 90% of the time, but on those nights where I know I don't have the strength to go another night without sleep I let her sleep in the stroller. My husband seemed to think it was because she liked sleeping at an incline so we bought her a wedge for her crib....that did nothing. It seems so odd that I doubt anyone has dealt with this before, but I'm desperate for some advice. I feel bad for her because she isn't getting a good nights sleep in the crib, but then I feel lazy when I let her sleep in the stroller. What would you do?? 

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