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Who is still working?

I had strong timeable contractions this weekend that landed us in L&D twice, only to be sent home, twice. Dissapointed and still without baby, I decided that I would still go into work today in the hopes that it would take my mind off labor and possibly help progress further. But now that I am here, I don't want to be... Anyone else still braving the office, or have all you smart ladies started staying home?
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Re: Who is still working?

  • I'm still working, but I work from home so it is easier then getting up and going to an office everyday. 
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  • Technically I would still be working, but I took the day off today because I was having contractions last night and I didn't want to go to work and go into labor there.  I work 45 minutes away from my hospital.  But I am technically still working.  If the baby doesn't come today, then I am back to work tomorrow.
  • Ugh, still here at work. Had 8 hours of false labor on Thursday and a couple more hours on Saturday. DD was a week early, so I thought for SURE the baby would be here by now. Totally miserable. Plus I've already wrapped everything up, so now I just have non-urgent stuff to do...which I so don't want to do.  

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  • I am! I've shortened my days in the office and am doing work from home. I'm scheduled to go until my due date, but chances are I'll find some more projects to do at home for next week. I don't anticipate this baby coming anytime soon and I can't stand to sit around and just wait. Ugh.
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  • Still working, I had very strong contrax almost everyday and still no baby. went to L& D last week and was disappointed.  but Friday is my last day at work even though I dont feel like going to work anymore.



  • I am still working. Well, coming into work, I dont know if Im getting much accomplished while Im here though haha! My due date is tomorrow I'm just assuming this baby is coming late so I will probably be here most of the week, either way this will be my last week at work. If baby doesnt come this week on its own my Dr. will want to induce me early next week.
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  • I am working from home... it's so hard to try to plan our your leave... like you don't want to take off too early and be bored (which is how I would be) but you don't want to be worried about finishing a project while you are in labor! Lol.
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  • Today is my last day!!  WOOT!!  I'll be going to the hospital tomorrow night for cervadil and then Wed morning they'll start the pitocin.  This baby is getting evicted!

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  • image tanad85:
    I am working from home... it's so hard to try to plan our your leave... like you don't want to take off too early and be bored (which is how I would be) but you don't want to be worried about finishing a project while you are in labor! Lol.

    This exactly! Which is why today is my last day-I decided I needed to pick a day and just be done with it, that way I wasn't stressing. Even working from home, sitting at a desk for 8 hours isn't so comfortable!

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  • Me. I am planning on working until I give birth.  As much as I don't feel like working, I also know that  I would drive myself CRAZY at home. Plus, I want to keep all 8 weeks that I have off for when the baby comes.

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  • Still working and it sucks :(  I am planning on working until the baby comes to use all of my leave for days with the baby.  I have a feeling he is going to make me work all this week and into the next.  I haven't had any strong contractions since my internal exam last week Wednesday...
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  • I am still working, but I am outtie after my EDD, baby or not. I'm sure I'll drive myself crazy at home, but at least I can relax in my PJs.
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  • I am!! But Friday is my last day, whether  baby is here or not. I actually took today and Tuesday off because my dad is having surgery so a three day week isn't TOO bad. :)
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  • I work from home, but am still working. I am due on Thursday and am thinking if baby doesn't come by end of this week I will start my leave next week. It is so hard to get anything done and I just keep urging LO to make her arrival already!!
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  • I am, sigh.

    I am going through this week working half days and if I am STILL pregnant next week, I think I'm done with work.

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  • I was going to post this thread today too! I'm still working full time in the office. I'm really trying to stick it out, but its not easy. I had painful contractions yesterday afternoon and evening, thought for sure it was time. Woke up, nothing...
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  • I'm past my due date and still driving into the city for work everyday. I'm thinking regardless of what happens, I'm calling it quits on Wednesday. I work on the 3rd floor of a building with no elevator, and there is no bathroom on my floor. My replacement is trained as well. And I pretty much want to punch everyone who asks me, "are you still here?". No, I'm a figment of your effing imagination, clearly.


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  • I worked until my ds was born. He was born a week before my due date. I was taken off the schedule the week of my due date, but my boss said I would just have to call every day before coming in. They just didn't want to schedule me hours that they would have to fill after I had the baby. I'm a supervisor at a retail store, so I was on my feet for 9+ hours a day. At the end it was really hard, but as my date got closer I WANTED to go to work and walk around to try and get things started and baby out!


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  • Friday was my due date and the last day I worked, The biggest reason I stopped was I couldnt take any more comments "You havent had that baby yet" "what are you still doing here??" Trust me I want this baby to come out more then anyone and I would rather not be here however people still need to work to make a living!! So after being asked this at least 20 times a day I decided it was best for my own sanity to make last week my last one. I am being induced on Thursday so I dont have much longer to wait and soooooooo excited!

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  • Today was my last day....I go to the hospital tomorrow to start  cervadil and then Wednesday morning they'll start the pitocin.  I would have gone stir crazy sitting at home for a few days.
  • today was it for me. I am due on thursday. I'm only a centimeter dilated, I plan on getting all laundry done and some serious cleaning at home. We've done alot already,,,,but, I'll enjoy some "me" alone time at home....Good luck everyone


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