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Talk to me about dressing LO for winter

We've been putting off buying a winter coat for DS, but we are going to have to do it soon. The temp this morning in NE Ohio was down to 32. *Ugh, winter is just around the corner*

As a first time mom, I'm not sure how to dress DS and keep him safe in the car seat. I know he shouldn't be in anything too thick because it could interfere with the car seat straps.

 So ladies, please share how you handle getting LO out the door warm and safe in the colder temps.


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Re: Talk to me about dressing LO for winter

  • image Scout2005:

    Layers and blankets are my plan, I'm not doing a big winter coat this year. Honestly, I plan to have her in fleece footie PJs unless we're going somewhere special. I cannot keep socks on this child, forget shoes.


    i'd agree - a big coat would be so awkward in the carseat anyway so you'd probably take it off each time they go in and out...ANNOYING! so i think we'll just layer as well and lots of blankets. i have a couple hoodies for DS as well which are great because they aren't too thick. a friend of ours gave us a fleece snow suit thing that we can use for walks and that sort of thing 

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  • We live in NE Ohio too!  We got her a two piece winter outfit for when we play in the snow.  And we will bring the winter coat out with us so that if we will be outside for more than just the trip from the car to the store (or wherever) we can put her coat on her and when there is crazy blizzard conditions.  Other than that she has hoodies and we will wrap a blanket around her if need be.


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  • I like those little baby sweat suits.  That way I can layer.  If it is hot inside, we can take of the jacket and if she's cold we'll leave it on and put a blanket over her legs.
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  • I too am a 1st time Mom and now that the weather is getting colder here in NJ would appreciate tips for winter dressing too. I like the blanket ideas. I have a snow suit it's not super thick but looks very warm which I'm sure will be good on really cold days but need something for in between. Are the winter coats too bulky for the car seats? I too can't keep socks on my Ava and have yet to try shoes since the summer. She kicks them off too. LOL!
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