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Baby bump or Fat?

I Love my family don't get me wrong......
They are?commenting?on my weight all the time. Then so it doest seem so bad they say its okay you are pregnant. Like because Im pregnant Im not still a person with feelings!!!?
Maybe its the hormones just making me overly sensitive? I just think its rude to comment on anyones weight for any reason! I have only gained 5lbs and Im 20 weeks! Thats good..... and I don't have any type of eating problems. When my baby is hungry I feed him/her.
?I know they are just being rude because they have ben skinny all there lives and half of them are?jealous.
?I wish I could just come up with a really smart come back to shut them up though!!!!

Re: Baby bump or Fat?

  • I think STFU works in any situation:-) You're right about weight comments. I think it's such a personal thing. The main thing is that you have a happy and healthy little angel.
  • Sorry you are having to go through that. I get the "OMG, you are getting so big" comment at least once a day. Even though, at 13w, the 10 pounds I've gained still puts me 2 pounds UNDER average for my height. People just lack manners sometimes.

    A good response at this point might be, "well, mine is baby, what's yours?" Sorry, I am a bit testy this morning. Good luck silencing the baby bump watchers! :)

  • I think letting them know that it's hurtful and should be an off limits topic might be more helpful.  If they are more the tough love type, I'd go with STFU :)  Hope they let up on you.
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  • I know how you feel. Everytime someone askes me when I'm due and I tell them March 12th, I get "Are you sure you aren't having twins"? WTH??? It's soo annoying. Dont let anyone get to you. As long as you are happy and the baby is healthy then it's no ones business but yours:)
  • ugh tell them to lay off or the crazy horomonal pregnant lady will sit on them.
  • Yeah... and I absolutely hate the "are you sure its just one in there?" joke.

    People think they are so creative and original with that one.

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  • STFU came to mind first...  One of my guy friends made a comment yesterday about how big I was.. and not only did other men jump all over him but I also looked at him and asked if he was really trying to be mean or just trying to make a bad joke.  And he very sadly said, I was trying to make a joke now I feel like a jerk... haha
  • My first reaction was something very mature like "Well, I'm going to provide a baby with this weight, what's your face doing for the world?"

    But I'm a little edgy this morning.

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