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Air Force question, a little confused


 My DH will be going to COT in a short while.

Question: Is it typical to get your PCS order before or after COT?  

Follow-up: How soon before or after COT is it typical to get you PCS orders?

 Thanks in advance, as I am new to this whole situation, but excited! 

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Re: Air Force question, a little confused

  • erine-

       While I can't speak from an officer perspective I can from an enlisted perspective. While we're in tech school (learning our jobs) we typically get our orders mid way through training. I work in a flying squadron and train officer aircrew, initial student aircrew also usually get orders mid way through training. SO going on that I think its safe to say you SHOULD see orders about half way through COT.

    ~Mom in combat boots to 2 daughters and 1 amazing husband~
  • I agree,

    When my husband was in OTS (the other side of COT) we got our assignment about half way through and orders followed after that.

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  • so my husband and i met in AFROTC in college and it was a full year after he went through feild training before he got any idea of where/what he was doing and going. I left the program 2 wks before ft and decided to push up the wedding and move where he was. With the af it depends on your job and the needs of the af. I have the same prob just later in his career, he just got through with CSO training and now has his wings. We are now back on casual lt status and have no idea when we will get orders for his next duty station. its frustrating but youll just have to wait and see.
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