Hi from a somewhat newbie

DH and I started TTC in 2006 but due to only having one fallopian tube started seeing RE after 6 months.  After no sucess on Clomid and failed IUIs decided to step off of this emotional roller coaster and jump on the adoption roller coaster in late 2007.  We finally were natched with a little boy last Oct and adoption was finalized in May.  We decided to give the whole TTC thing one more shot this spring and started with a new RE that has helped several friends get pregnant.

New RE is great!  Found out that DH's morphology was low-5% so started supplements.    I don't ovulate on my own and he thinks I may have PCOS.  We did one IUI which resulted in BFN.  Did another SA on DH and morph has dropped to 3% so RE suggested doing IVF as IUI will most likely not work(less that 5% chance of it working).  We are hoping to do IVF after the first of the year.


Re: Hi from a somewhat newbie

  • Welcome and congrads on adopting your little boy.   IVF is the way to go good luck.
    Married April 2010 TTC since ME 37 (DOR) DH 27 AMH 0.16 FSH fluctuation 30/6.2 SSH Clear Taking DHEA BCP 8/17/11 IVF #1 start 9/3/11 - Follistim (225),Lupron,and Lo dose HCG Converted to IUI only had 2 follies :( BFN BCP 9/28 IVF 1.2 start 10/11/11 - Follistim 450 + lo dose HCG
    Converted to IUI only had 1 follie :( BFN BCP 11/3 IVF 1.3 start 11/13/11 - Follistim (300)+Menopur+Dexamethasome - Made it to ER:) but not ET:( embies stopped growing day 3 IVF#2 new RE Estrace 12/8 adding in Provera 12/23 until 1/1 menopur,follistim,dexamethasome,ganerelix ER scheduled for 1/17wewBFFN w We are pursuing donor egg. 8/20/12 Had hysteroscopy to remove polyp but found that i have a t shaped uterus. Don't be discouraged. It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.
  • Sounds like things are really about to take off for you! Congrats and good luck! Wishing you all the best:-)


    Married 10/13/07, Me: 29,DH: 29, Dx: Severe MFI, TTC-9/09, Started with RE 6/11, IVF #1-10/11, +HPT-11/2/11, Beta#1-551, Beta#2- 1391, Beta#3- 4,418, EDD- 7/10/12- it's a girl!

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  • Hi! Somewhat of a newbie myself. Hope that everything goes great for your IVF. Nice to "meet" you.
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    dx:3/11 with PCOS. Started metFormin 500mg QID; *2wks; upped dose to 500XR QID. PCP upped dose 4/11 to 850mg of metFormin BID. Had IUD removed on 6/9/11. D&C 10/3/11 to remove excess lining and checked for tubal blockage. RE appt went well, started me on a round of Clomid, hope this can get us the BFP we want for Christmas!

    Proud Mom of a child suffering from Sanflippo Syndrome or MPS III-B.

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  • welcome and good luck with your IVF!
    TTC 1/2010 DH Dx - Azoospermia 2/2011
    Hysteroscopy 3/2011 2 Polyps removed 4/2011
    DH on Clomid / Arimidex to address hormonal issues - Sperm found July 2011!
    IVF #1 September 2011 - ER 9/8/2011- 8R, 5M - icsi - 1 made it to transfer - BFFN :-(
    IVF #2 Lucky November 2011 - ER 11/25/2011 - 15 eggs!, 13 mature, 10 fertilized with isci - 7 made it to transfer! Transferred 1 - 8 cell and 2 - 7 cell. BFP!!!!
    1st U/S - Twins! 2nd U/S - 3 heartbeats!!! - HOLY COW!!!
    Prayers for our take home babies!
    2 babies born on 3/27/12 and lost. Last baby born on 3/29/12 and lost at 20 weeks.
    My angels grew wings shortly after birth.
    Ahava Raisel, Matisyahu Nissim & Zev Chaim - Mommy and Daddy will always love you.
    IVF #3 July 2012 - ER 7/17/2012 - 10 R. 5 F. 4 made it to ET
    Transferred 2 on 7/20/2012 no snow babies :-(
    Beta on 7/31/2012 = BFMFN
    A miracle gift expected to come to us through adoption around 9/2012
    Baby girl adopted - Birth Mother changed her mind and took the baby back
    IVF #4 October 2012 - New RE. Doing PGD Testing. 8 R, 7F, 2 made it to 5 day blast for PDG testing. Both Normal (Thank you G-d!!!) 1 boy and 1 girl
    transferred one beautiful 5day blast (girl)
    Please G-d the almighty one - let this be our take home baby!
    Beta #1 158, Beta #2 318, 1 Absolutely magnificent HB at 175! Thank you G-d!!!
    Baby Girl born August 5th. Thank you G-d for our precious miracle.
    AMA. PAIF & SAIF always welcome - I need all the prayers I can get!

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  • Welcome! Best of luck with your upcoming IVF cycle.
    Married 8/2008. IVF with PGD March 2013.
    3/22 ER: 25R, 20M, 15F. 9 genetically normal, and 3 survived to Day 5
    3/27 ET: transferred 1 embryo, beta 9dp5dt=163, 12dp5dt=639
    4/25 1st ultrasound at 7 weeks = identical twins with heartbeats?!!!
    PPROM at 31w, delivery at 32 weeks of two beautiful girls
  • Congrats on your little boy!
    *TTC Since 10/09 *Dx with MFI 05/10 *IUI#1 May 2011 BFN *Switched RE *IVF# 1 November 2011 IVF converted to IUI#2 BFN IVF# 1.2 Jan/Feb 2012 BFP * U/S 03/06/12 Twins!! * Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
  •  Best of luck with everything! 

     I'm a Denver girl too.  Who's your RE? 

  • image MamaLo1216:

     Best of luck with everything! 

     I'm a Denver girl too.  Who's your RE? 

    YEAH!  Another Denver girl.  =)  We are going to Conceptions and seeing Dr. Swanson. 

  • Welcome and good luck with your upcoming cycle!


    image     image

    Me (34): MTHFR, PCOS, Endo, left salpingectomy due to hydrosalpinx, 
    hypothyroidism, low AMH (0.26)/normal FSH/average AFC of 12

    Him (33): No known issues

    November 2013-March 2014: Natural cycles
    April 2014: Clomid 100mg and Ovidrel trigger -- BFN
    May 2014: Clomid 100mg and Ovidrel trigger -- BFN
    July 2014:  IVF class -- Check!
    Holy crap.  Unmedicated BFP 7.22.14.  EDD 4.01.15.
    Best April Fool's Day ever!
    Now on Lovenox, prenatals, Vitamin D,
    Folic Acid, and Synthroid.
    Please be our take home baby.

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