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work from home moms?

Hi I am desperately looking for a legitimate work from home job not one that is a scam 


Does anyone out there have any suggestions? 

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Re: work from home moms?

  • I sell Mary Kay makeup.  I pick my hours and how much "work" I actually want to put into it.  I also have an 8-5 job but after the baby is born I'm planning on just doing the Mary Kay. 

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  • I work in an office, but have the ability to work from home on occasion (if I have a doctor appointment, car needs service, inclement weather, etc.). 

    My office still requires that I have childcare after the baby is born, though. They're not paying me to stay home with my son. 

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  • What do you do now?  Can you find a contract position doing that from home?

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  • I'm a work from homer! I'm a freelance writer, so I can work from pretty much wherever. I second what a PP suggested - could you get some contract work in your field? That usually allows for more flexibility in hours and work location. Good luck!
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  • I enroll students at a university and i dont think id be able to do that at home (no matter how much id like to) but i have students who work for insurance companies who work from home. I also have other students who drive patients to and from appointments they need to go to.

    Im not sure how they got the job but anything like that im sure there would be some chance you could do it from home.


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  • I edit romance novels.

    There are tons of writing, editing, and proofreading jobs available online if you're qualified. There are also lots of medical jobs, like billing and transcription and coding.


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  • I work from home designing scrapbook products.  It's commission-based work, so I only get paid on what I actually sell.  But I was a dental assistant before starting this 3 years ago, and I actually make more now than I did then.

    I'll admit that I'm nervous about how I'm going to juggle everything though as my job still requires several hours per week of uninterrupted time.  I set my own schedule, so I know I can balance it.  It's just not going to be a cake-walk.

    I said all that to say that there are definitely legitimate possibilities out there.  I'd just avoid anything that sounds too good to be true because if it sounds like you can make a ton of money while doing next to nothing and still being about to take care of your LO, it's probably a scam.

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