Low milk production... medications?

Hello bumpies, first time posting on this board because I need help!  I've never had enough milk to feed my baby so I've been supplementing with formula, had been able to pump 2 oz per breast but now I am down to 1oz!  Is there anything you know of my doctor can prescribe to help the production of more? I'm not sure he could do anything about it if i call him? Any ideas as to what supplements i can take or foods to eat?
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Re: Low milk production... medications?

  • I eat oat meal 2xs a day and that helps me. I also take funegreek and milk thistle I got it at walgreens.
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  • I've never had a supply issue so I don't know for sure, but I think Regalan can help increase your supply. I would talk to to a local LC if you want to go that route or try fenugreek or milk thistle or mothers tea ( i think that's what it's called)

    Good luck!@

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  • I had some supply issues about a month ago, and I started eating oatmeal for breakfast everyday, and drank Mother's Milk Tea 3x a day. Plus I made sure to ebf every feeding and pump after my LO ate every once in awhile. Now I have no supply issues at all!

    Also, your LO is going to be much more efficient at draining you than a pump, so don't think you are only producing 1oz if that is what you pump!

    Good luck!

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  • Options for increasing milk supply:  make sure you are taking in enough calories and fluids first, oatmeal (old fashion oats and steel cut worked best for me), fenugreek, BLESSED thisle (NOT milk thistle), More Milk Plus, Mother's Milk Tea.  I also used Reglan prescribed by my midwife at 8 week PP and domperidone.

    Check out Kellymom for suggestions on supplements and recommended dosages.  Also talk with your provider or lactation consultant.

  • Do check out they have all sorts of great information.  To me those medications seem scary, and this is from someone who has very little fear of medicines.  The medications aren't even designed for milk issues specifically, it just happens to be a happy side effect.  I'm trying the oatmeal and herbal route(fenugreek, nettle, alfalfa, etc). I'm also pumping after feedings to get more stimulation, althought that is tough since LO is eating every hour and there is zilch time for me to do this.  Try to contact La letche league in your area to see what help they can provide.

    Oh and I got a lot of my herbs and GNC, and healthfood stores, but amazon has them too.

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