LO won't take bottle suddenly

Hi all! Per my LC's instructions I have been supplementing every other feeding with pumped milk. My LO has been doing great with the bottles until yesterday. Now he won't have anything to do with it! He has been really congested the past two days. Could that have anything to do with it? What can I do? 


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Re: LO won't take bottle suddenly

  • My kiddo is also doing this.  My guess is she doesn't like the temp I'm serving the milk at.  But a stuffy nose could also be the case.  Try clearing your LO's nose right before bottle feeding with a saline/suction routine.  If it doesn't stay clear try feeding while in a steamy bathroom.  Also be happy, it just means LO loves mommy's boobies better ;)  good luck.

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  • My LO went through a 8 week bottle strike.  All I can say is persistence is key.  Her milk had to be really warm for her to take it.  If I had just pumped she needed it warmed up.  Good luck.

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