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Hey ladies! Sorry if something similar has already been posted, but I'm a first time momma & I went into buy buy baby today to look around, especially at car seats and strollers. Well let me tell you, I felt SO overwhelmed! There are so many different brands and styles to choose from! I asked one of the workers what one of their top rated strollers are and he brought me over to the city mini jogger. Basically what I'm asking is what stroller would you strongly recommend?

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  • We looked at the City Mini, I liked how it folded up so fast.  We ended up with the City Select though, which I also recommend.
  • DH and I are getting the City Mini with a Chicco carseat adaptor. I hate how heavy and bulky travel systems are, and that one is light and folds easily. The Britax B-Agile is similar, but I hate the buckle.
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  • When LO is still small I plan to use a Snap-N-Go or similar with his infant seat, once he gets bigger my plan is to get a Chicco C6, it's lightweight and easy to fold up (although I don't like how small the basket underneath is).

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  • I'm going to be a first time dad. But in all my conversations with sales people, friends and family + my own research - we have determined that the bottom line is there's no simple answer.


    You have to buy what's right for you - and your usage.  For example - we're in NYC and want something lighter weight and that is rugged + easy to fold.  We're getting the Bugaboo Bee.

     But we almost decided on the UppaBaby Vista.  We just found it a bit heavier - but it's an awesome stroller. Just bigger/heavier.

     I also believe (me, not my wife) that most of the time I take the baby out and about, it will in a carrier - at least for the first year. 

    The Citi Mini was one we looked at and is an EXCELLENT stroller.  We just preferred 4 wheels vs 3.

  • Thank you so much for all your answers! Its so nice to others opinions! :)
  • We have a Chicco Travel System for DS#1, love it. Will use it for DS#2. 
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  • We were going to go with a Snap 'n Go and then get a Maclaren later, but I fell in love with the Britax B-Agile with the B-Safe infant carrier.  We haven't purchased it yet though.

    My suggestion is go push them around the store.  Fold them up and lift ... see how heavy they are to get in and out of the car.  How much space will it take up in your trunk?  How much basket space is there ... is the handle at the right height?  How bulky is it, etc.

    That's what's going to help you make your decision.  I was pretty anti travel system but I guess it's essentially what we're getting.

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  • are you going to jog with it?

    If you're a runner I would recommend the BOB. DH and I both run with it and love it. it folds up really easily. The downside is the size/weight.  It fit just fine in both of our trunks (we both had compact cars), but there wasn't room for much else.

    we now have an SUV, so i have plenty of room.  But it's something to think about. 

  • I have the City Classic (which I think is not called City Select) and I love, love, love it and would recommend it in a heart beat!  It is so easy to navigate, easy to fold up and stow in my trunk, and it also lays flat (which was great for newborn- I never got a carrier attachment). 

    I have a couple of friends with the mini that really like that as well.  I say it depends what you plan to use the stroller for.  If it's mainly for strolls around the block/malls then the mini should be just fine.  I do a lot of walking and occasionally on trials, so the classic was my choice (has the inflatable wheels and swivel front wheel).

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  • One downside to the City mini is the size of the basket, also you can't hang a bag so you must travel light, we usually use it in DH's car.... we also have a graco travel system that is usually in my suv (doesn't't fit well in his car at all). Like pp said you need to figure out your needs space, storage etc. We stayed away from mcclarion because I often walk the dog while my guy in in the Stroller and the mac is really a two hand handle.... you have to think of things like that
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  • image MelbaCat:

    are you going to jog with it?

    If you're a runner I would recommend the BOB. DH and I both run with it and love it. it folds up really easily. The downside is the size/weight.  It fit just fine in both of our trunks (we both had compact cars), but there wasn't room for much else.

    we now have an SUV, so i have plenty of room.  But it's something to think about. 

    I job with the city and it's much more manageable than a BOB!  And cheaper too :)

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  • we have the chicco keyfit 30 carseat & since #1 was born in january & we lived in slushy/snowy/salty upstate ny at the time we opted for the graco "snap-n-go" stroller frame b/c it's very light weight (i have a bad back) & i figured for the $70 i'd rather get that dirty & just clean a metal frame rather than a several $$$ stroller. but b/c of that we currently have 3 strollers & will need a double now. so if you don't mind a slew of strollers that may be the way you want to initially go since you'll have your lo in the infant carseat for a while.but the snap n go doesnt have the smoothest ride, it's not bad for quick trips but it wouldn't be your all-terrain type of stroller.

    our day to day stroller is the baby jogger city mini (the 2011 model). i wouldn't get the 2010 b/c you'll also need to also buy the back insert (prior to 2011 their strollers didn't have back support which you really want & need for the little guys).  i REALLY liked the city select at the time but opted to not get it b/c it was about 10lbs heavier, bigger, and even though it's got the 2nd seat option we didnt know if or when we'd have more children at the time so i didnt want a 3-4yr old stroller that i was now trying to track down old accessories for.

    i like the following about the city mini: 1) i love the maneuverability of the city mini-very important in tight spaces or getting in/out of doors  2) the canopy is the best out there (it's very large so it covers the kids well but it's also got 2 windows so you can see them or it's adjustable so you can use just part of it. 3) i also love how conveniently it folds. when you're messing around w/ getting babies & things in & out of the car, etc it's such a multi step process so having a quick & easy fold & set up is really important. i would avoid strollers that require you to do multiple things at the same time to get it to close. 4) i love the forever tires, i've heard nightmares from people about their pneumatic tires (tires that need air but are supposed to have a smoother ride) getting flats & having to constantly carry a pump w/ you or have to pump them at very inconvenient times.

    my complaints about the city mini are 1) it comes with NOTHING, you need to buy all of the accessories-which a lot of brands are like that, so dont let that be a deal breaker 2) i hate the basket access on the 2011 it's not easy to get things in & out of it b/c there isn't much clearance between the stroller seat & basket top so i'll never be able to get my diaper bag or anything on the larger size under there.  3) even though the fold of the stroller is amazing, i'm not a big fan of the fact that it closes w/ the seat being exposed- it can get a little dirty. ours has fallen on the ground when it's closed & it does limit how you can store the stroller if you're worried about the spot your kid will be sitting getting dirty.

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  • Thanks for starting this discussion!  DH and I were up all night 2 nights ago with this same dilemma. (after we saw a killer sale online, but it turned out to be a not-so-good car seat/stroller for us)

    I'm leaning towards Chicco travel system after that, but with all the comments, I think we'll for sure look at the City strollers!  Thanks everyone! 

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  • My sister bought Chicco stroller systems for all 3 of her kids, who were spaced too far apart to reuse :(

    On BRU there is a feature that you can compare strollers/stroller systems. If you have a few that you like, I would suggest trying that as well as reading reviews.

    The stores can be overwhelming, but I found it a necessary evil. I am a see/feel/touch person so I needed to see them in person also.

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  • Thank you again for all your replies. I was wheeling them all around, snapping, unsnapping, folding, unfolding lol its just I want to make the best decision and I'm such an indecisive person. I'm gonna return to the store & check out the chicco 30 because a lot of comments talked about that stroller and compare it on babies r us.
  • We are getting the City Mini or City Elite.  The US travel systems are too bulky, hard to push and steer, and heavy.  
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