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Just wondering, if you had used the Ortho Evra Patch prior to conceiving, how long did it take from patch removal to conception? TIA

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Re: Ortho Patch Users

  • I haven't used the patch personally but my BFF did.  She stopped the patch January 2010 and started TTC, I don't know if its related, but it took her until August 2011 to conceive.
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  • I got pregnant on the patch so i'm not sure how long it will take.  My ob said i was the first one of his patients to get pregnant on that form of bc.  Talk about a surprise
  • I used the patch and from the time I quit using it until conception was about 4 months. My periods have always been like clockwork though and I kept track of when I should be ovulating. My first baby took just over a year to conceive, but I was more stressed and trying harder to conceive....and I think this played a role in it taking so long.

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