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Let's talk about our pp bodies shall we?

Just curious how the pregnancy weight loss is going for everyone. Anyone back in their pre pregnancy clothes? If so how many weeks pp are you? Anyone doing anything to try to lose the weight yet? If you got stretch marks how are they looking now and what are you doing in an attempt to fade them? I havent gotten the go ahead to exercise from my OB yet. My legs fit in my pre preg jeans but my hips don't and probably never will! My tops are too small thanks to my bigger BF boobs but since I had such small Tatas to begin with I suppose I shouldn't complain! I'm semi happy with how my body looks three weeks pp except that I am absolutely covered in stretch marks and will never wear a bikini again.

Re: Let's talk about our pp bodies shall we?

  • 7 weeks.  in regular clothes. not bfing, so shirts are fine.  no stretch marks.  i still want to lose about 10 lbs to get to my prepregnancy weight before ds1, so as soon as ds2 hits 3 months, he'll be dropped off at the gym daycare at least three times a week.
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  • Anyone back in their pre pregnancy clothes?

    i tried on a pair of jeans that had a low waist, and those fit. tried on some cords with a mid-rise, and those fit but create muffin top. i've been fighting ill-fitting tops for quite some time now, and with my boobs getting EVEN bigger, i think i may have to do some shopping.

    If so how many weeks pp are you?

    4 weeks post. 

    Anyone doing anything to try to lose the weight yet?

    i started doing some light yoga at 3 weeks, but mostly to help stretch out my back and open up my chest. all the hunching over to pick up and hold LO is making my body ache!

    If you got stretch marks how are they looking now and what are you doing in an attempt to fade them?

    they're still there. i'm just going to wait it out and let them fade on their own. i'm not convinced of creams that promise to make them fade. 

  • I'm back at pre-pregnancy weight ... and in most of my clothes.  My hips have definitely been slower to move back in place this time around though, so a few pairs of pants still don't fit.

    I am 5.5 weeks pp.

    I haven't done much exercise yet, still bleeding and haven't been cleared by the doctor yet.  But the weather has been beautiful so we have been taking short walks when at all possible.

    ETA: No stretchmarks from this pregnancy ... so just my one wrinkly one from DS!



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  • 5.5 weeks, mixed results on the clothes.  I can fit into my loose jeans but regular are tight in the waist.  I wear loose shirts so no noticeable difference there.

    Had stretch marks from a previous weight gain, no new ones.

    I'm back to pre preg weight but would like to start walking to get in shape.  I'd lost so much from morning sickness that I think I was only 5lbs over after daughter was born.


    Unrelated, Aurora fell asleep without fighting tonight, crossing fingers she will go back down after the 3 am feeding and is nice when Daddy gets home at 5. 

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  • I was down to pp weight at 10 days pp. My pp pants fit w/some room to spare--I'm now down 4 lbs from pp weight. Shirts fit fine but I do need to start toning bc I'm feeling flabby. Haven't exercised yet but got the clear today so will soon. I haven't done anything w/my stretch marks--they look more brown than the red/purple they were.
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  • I'm 7 weeks out.  I've got about 12-15 lbs to go but I haven't done anything besides walking to get there.  I can't fit into any PP pants or jeans that aren't yoga :(  That part sucks - I had no idea my thighs chunked up that much.  My stomach is getting much better but its still a bit jiggly for me.  I can wear my PP shirts and feel OK in them (they are pretty fitted).  I am EPing now and I miss underwire bras so badly.  I hate the saggy boobs that come with my nursing bras!  I am excited to get the all clear next week (did not get it at 6 weeks PP) for activity!  I need to start losing the last bit of weight. 

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  • I tried my regular jeans at 4 days pp and they fit right away. Now, don't hate me too much, I still have 12 out of 32lbs to lose. Haven't lost anything in 2 weeks or so. If it goes like last time, it will be a slow process - took me 5 months to lose the 32lbs I gained with DS. No stretch marks. And no time to exercise. I will need to kick myself and do something for my abs after the kids are in bed but I've been too exhausted.
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  • 6w PP; still have 10 to go (lost 30), no stretch marks to begin with and dont yet fit into pre-PG jeans. Hopefully soon! Oh, I haven't done a stitch of exercising, but I'm BFing...


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  • I'm 3 wks pp - gained total of 29 lbs and have lost 22 so far. BFing and back in regular clothes. Didnt get any stretch marks. Started working out again at 12 days pp w/ my dr's approval. Easing back into it and trying to eat healthy. 

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  • 2.5w pp.   25 pounds to go...not in my pre pregnancy clothes yet...hoping by Christmas.   I'm going to start 30 day shred this week.
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  • I'm a little under my PP weight but I only gained 14 pounds, so between the birth and passing excess fluid and my blood volume returning to normal, I feel like that wasn't much of an accomplishment on my part.  I do fit into my pre-pg clothes, though my pants are still a little snug because of the flab that still needs to retract. 

    Between the flab and the stretch marks, I will need a mommy makeover one day, but I knew that after DD.  I'm saving it for when we're done having kids and I'm out of school. 

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  • Ive lost 34lbs so far, I still have 8 lbs to lose to get to pp weight but a total of 15lbs to lose to fit into the majority of my jeans. As of now I still can't fit into any of my jeans which sucks. I can wear about half of my shorts since my boobs are 2 sizes bigger then before. I did get stretch marks. Some red scratch like ones on my sides and the indention ones on a little bit of my stomach.
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  • 4 weeks PP, and I am about 10 lbs below my pre pregnancy weight from my first pregnancy. Due to GD, I lost about 12 lbs while pregnant, then another 14-15 at delivery, and another 3 or 4 in the last few weeks. Clothes from in between my pregnancies are too big, but clothes from before I had DD1 don't fit either, because the shape of my body has changed :( Hopefully if I lose another 20 lbs or so I can get back in them. Haven't gotten cleared for exercise yet, so for now I'm just trying to watch what I eat and walk with the girls when I can. Stretch marks from puberty and my first pregnancy, nothing new from this one.
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  • 5weeks pp

    most clothes fit, im still fighting with my skinny jeans tho

    some of my shirts are too tight and uncomfortable thanks to these boob balloons!

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  • 4 weeks PP and never was in maternity clothing. Lost 28lbs while pregnant. Doctor said due to PCOS, and being pregnant my hormones leveled out and I was able to shed some weight.

    Right now I am 35lbs less than when I started in December.



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  • 6 weeks pp, and I've lost a total of 33 pounds. I only gained 25 during the pregnancy, so I'm happy about that. I lost all my pregnancy weight by 6 days pp. I've been in solely pre-pregnancy clothes since 4 weeks pp - I was shocked my favorite Gap jeans fit AND I was able to button them. But I do still have a little bit of a squishy foopa low on my belly. As far as stretch marks, I only got them on my hips. They're still a little red, but I'm not doing anything for them as far as trying to fade them. My shirts all still fit, but I've been having a horrible time finding wire-free nursing bras that fit me properly. I recently bought a 38E (was a 34D/34DD pre-pregnancy), which fits ok I guess, but anytime I bend over or twist, my nipples find their way out of the bra. They are Motherhood bras, and I find that they aren't full coverage, which is why this happens. Overall, I'm extremely happy with my pp body.
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  • I'm back in all my clothes. I lost all my weight, too. I'm 9 weeks PP but was back to normal in about 3 weeks. I didn't get any stretch marks but I have a scar from the C-section. :( I am EBF and my boobs are a bit bigger but still small. I haven't done any exercise other than short walks. 
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  • I am 4.5 weeks pp.

    I gained 30 lbs in pg.  By 3 wks pp, I had lost 32 lbs.  I've been stuck there for almost two weeks now. Out of maternity, back into my old clothes.

    No stretchmarks.

    Considering how hellish my pg was, I am glad to be thrown a bone on the other side of it.

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  • 7weeks pp

    I'm BFing so nothing fitted fits up top but I'm wearing the rest of my pre-preg clothes. 

    I didn't get stretchmarks, I guess there was some good to being a fatty in highschool and dropping the weight(extra skin)

    I've still got 10lbs to loose, I'm working out a bit because we have BIL's wedding in a week and I don't want those pics to be horrid.  I don't think those pounds are going anywhere until I wean so I'll try to be happy where I'm at.

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  • I'm at 5 weeks out. I lost 18 of my 33 lbs in the first 10 days, and have lost maybe a pound since. Total weight loss stall. So frustrating. No exercise yet other than walks, but I hope to start doing some workouts in the next week or so.

    Definitely NOT in pre-pg clothes. Not even close. Still wearing maternity jeans with loose tops. I did buy a new pair of jeans in a size up, but I can't bear the horrible muffin top/under pooch.

    I have a handful of stretch marks on my belly, but I'm not doing anything to help them fade. I haven't worn a bikini since college, anyway.

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  • I'm 2 weeks pp and not back in any of my normal pants.  I went out yesterday and bought jeans a size up since I was sick of wearing maternity jeans.  About half of my shirts fit, but are a little snug on my belly still.  Hopefully I'll be able to start going for short walks soon (once the weather cooperates).

    I have one stretch mark above my belly button that I am using bio-oil on.  I haven't noticed a difference yet, but I've only been using it for a week or so.

  • At 6 weeks postpartum, I'm back to pre pregnancy weight, even a few pounds less than when I got married last October. I definitely credit it to breastfeeding on demand, because I've done hardly any exercise, and am still eating like a horse. Gained 25 pounds, no stretch marks, except these darkish lines on ye olde boobies. I've been wearing all my old clothes for a couple weeks now. I am happy with the post-baby bod, (to say nothing of DH) but still need to tone up a bit. And there's no way I'll wearing a bikini- not because of flab, but (TMI) because of an unholy amount of belly & thigh fur.
  • I am 5.5 weeks post partem and I sill have about 10 pounds to lose to get to my pre pregnancy weight. ( I gained about 40 or so lbs) I hope to lose the 30 I was trying to lose last January before I found out I was knocked up to get back to the weight I was when I got married.

    I can fit into my "fat jeans" which are a size up from my regular favorite jeans. My fave jeans fit, but are a little tight around the waist and look terrible if I wear a fitted shirt due to this extra skin that hasn't snapped back into place- sorta like a muffin top, but only around my belly button - my hips and waist line on the sides look great- I'd say even better than they did before I got pregnant. All of my shirts fit -but I just look busty- I won't be wearing many of them until I can buy some spanks or something for that floppy skin/muffin bulge thing.

    The stretch marks are there and still pretty red. I use cocoa butter, but- I imagine they will just need time to fade on their own. I might buy some of that mederma stuff when I go back to work and the finances aren't so tight. 

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  • I am 4 weeks and 1 day PP!

    I've always had a little body. My beginning pregnancy weight was 102 pounds.  My ending weight was 131 pounds. I had my son on a Tuesday, and on that following Saturday I was 116 pounds.  I was ALL baby and belly throughout pregnancy.  I think I'm around 110 pounds now.  Although my weight drop sounds awesome, I can't say the same for my body.  I got stretch marks at the very end, none really on my sides, but right in the middle of my stomach.  Which is still a flabby, and some of the stretch marks actually hurt like bruises.  I used to have my bellybutton pierced, so where the scars were from the holes, they turned a very dark brown. Some of the stretch marks are fading, but I know those will never go away.  Its also making my bellybutton sink into the flab really weird.  I also got stretch marks that I didn't know I had because I couldn't see, on my inner thighs and also my lower butt. I feel like I look pretty digusting, and my boyfriend will argue with me everytime that I say something about it. I will also never be seen in a bikini again.  Which is okay.  I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I feel like they look awkward.  I feel like my shirts are shorter (non-breastfeeding boobs btw) and my hips have gotten wider, so they are a little snug in the jeans, causing a lot of butt crack shows! LOL! I've gotten no motivation to work out yet, and I realllllly wish I would!

  • I gained 35-40 lbs. I lost track. I lost all but 12 lbs really quickly. I was down to 10lbs over today.

    I have been walking a few times a week since one week. I ran a four 1/4 mile segments on Monday. 

    Two of my looser pp jeans fit. I can also fit into some dresses. I was a 00P to start.

    I have stretch marks on my ass and boobs. I guess the good thing is they are covered by a bikini.

    Running helps me feel better about myself.

  • I was down to my pre-preg weight about a week after this point I have lost another 6lbs :-) Some of my pants fit, some don't - same with the shirts. My jeans were getting snug pre-preg anyways, so I do need to lose some more weight to get them to fit again.

    Stretch marks all over my belly, but I haven't worn a bikini since I was like 5, so I'm not worried about getting rid of them.




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  • I was back to prepreg weight before I left the hospital.  I'm now 5-10 under depending on water retention.  I can wear my pre preg cloths and now need a belt but I didn't have wide hips and still don't.  I always had uber big tas so shirts fit the same.  I try and walk when its nice but the days are getting fewer.  Stretch marks are gross around my belly button and itchy as all get out.  I never had a bikini body so dont plan on getting one.  
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  • I only gained about 25 lbs. during pregnancy, and I had lost 20 when I weighed myself 2 days after DS was born. I was a few lbs below my pre-preg weight at my 2 week checkup. I've been in my normal clothes since a few days after he was born.

    Even though my weight loss has been easy, I don't really have my body back to normal. My stomach is still a bit more jiggly than I'd like, and the boobs have a mind of their own since I'm BFing.

    I didn't get any stretchmarks during pregnancy, but had a few crop up last week (4 weeks pp). Wtf?

  • I'm at my pp weight, but I had GD and didn't gain much to begin with.  I'm in my regular clothes as long as they don't irritate my c/s scar too much.  I still have a bit of a belly that makes me look pregnant though.

    I bf'd for 2 weeks, but all my shirts are boobs got bigger after ds and didn't really go back down, so I was prepared.

    I have stretch marks all over my belly from both pregnancies and my belly looks like a shriveled raisin...there's no helping it, except for maybe a tummy tuck somewhere down the line.  I've accepted it.

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  • I must be the only one that hasn't looked at the scale, even at my check up. I can wear my pp jeans, I hadnt tried them until 2 weeks ago when we did our one month pics. I was able to wear my pp tops the very next day, I've always had big boobs so theystill fit my even bigger boobs lol.
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