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Yep....peed on myself..

So today at work I discovered I had some very large wet spots on my underwear. I put on a panty-liner and after about 30 minutes it seemed to have gathered some moisture as well...so I called my OB and the nurse told me to come into the office and they would check to see if I was leaking amniotic fluid...

So I get to the OB (SO called out of work and we packed our bags with us just in case..) and they are slammed so we end up waiting in an exam room for about an hour (me undressed and laying on the examining table). The doctor comes in all excited that I might be having LO...but...no such luck - which means I must have peed myself a little bit. My OB did say that it was possible I had a "high leak" but that it was unlikely...

Now I have to tell everyone at work no baby, just pee. Wonderful. 

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Re: Yep....peed on myself..

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