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Menu/feeding schedule for 1 year old?

DS is almost 1 and I'm just freaking out over the whole menu and schedule.

Right now he has an 8oz bottle when he wakes up at 6:30. At 8am he has solids (fruit) at daycare. 11am - vegetable solids and puffs or yogurt. 3pm he has 3oz of formula (that's all he'll drink for some reason) and puffs or yogurt, whichever he didn't have earlier. I feed him dinner at 530 and give him meat solids + veggie solids + finger foods or some of our dinner. 8pm he gets another 8 oz bottle.

So when he turns 1 and I'm weaning him off the bottle, he won't have a bottle first thing in the morning, so what will he have? A normal breakfast? And what about before bed, do I give him some regular milk? Do I not replace the bottles? Just change his eating schedule completely? He has a sippy cup with water with all his meals, but doesn't drink a whole lot from it. He gets a tiny bit of juice in with his water at dinner time and normally drinks about half of that.

I just feel like one day he's on solids and a bottle and the next he's supposed to be off a bottle and eating 3 meals a day only, like he's 10 years old. AGH! so confused, please help!

Re: Menu/feeding schedule for 1 year old?

  • I can't help because I'm feeling the same way!  I am SO confused!  You are not alone.
  • I feel the same way!  I'm sorry I no help either.  I've been trying to feed DS more solid foods, but sometimes he wants the purees!  And I'm still feeding him, he won't feed himself.



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  • I have no idea if this will help, but this is what I do with DD:

    9 am (wake up) - Up until this week, I gave her an 8 oz bottle of whole milk.  I decided to stop the morning bottle when she turned one (two weeks ago) so now she gets milk in a sippy (and hardly drinks any of it) and a bowl of baby cereal mixed with lots of milk (I'm trying to trick her into getting it) 

    10 am - a small wheat pancake or a small homemade blueberry yogurt muffin with fresh fruit (my kid is hungry!) and some more milk from the sippy.  Water in a sippy too.

    12:00 or 12:30 - lunch.  Today she had homemade pasta with veggies and cheese and 1/2 a piece of wheat bread.


    2:00 or 2:30 - YoBaby yogurt and a fresh peach, milk, water.

    4:00 - small snack like a few cheerios or puffs, 1/2 a piece of babybel cheese.

    5:30 - dinner.  Tonight she had what we had - pot roast, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, milk, and water.  I gave her some sliced pears for dessert.

    8:00 - bedtime.  8 oz bottle of milk.

    I am giving her about 90% "table" foods and sometimes she still eats purees.  She really loves applesauce, yogurt, and when I make squash and mashed potatoes, but she eats almost everything else whole.  The biggest struggle I'm having is the milk in the sippy.  I have no idea what to do with the nighttime bottle you said!  That's why I did the morning one first.  I figure, she gets enough milk in her cereal and enough calcium between the little bit of milk she will take from the sippy, the yogurt, the cheese, and her night bottle, so I'm not too worried about that one.  I hope this helps.  I really did feel like I totally changed her eating schedule overnight when she started to reject the purees at 10 months.....we went from a set number of baby food jars a day to the unknown!!  And I still don't know what I'm doing, but she is happy and healthy and that's all I need to know.

  • I am so confused too....  I cant even get my 9 Month old to want to eat finger foods...
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  • I'm confused too. DD is eleven months and is BARELY eating table foods. I mean, she does, but she doesn't EAT them. She sort of puts them in her mouth, spits 'em out, swallows some, throws the rest on the floor. She can't be getting a whole lot of nutrients from them since she just sort of plays with them! She's on about 5 5oz bottles of cow's milk a day, but she is sort of blase about the actual food. I hate the constant worrying that you're not feeding them enough, you're feeding them too much. Ugh.
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