1st Trimester

Top of stomach pain...

I am having some slight pain at the top of my stomach, under my boobs. I don't remember this happening last time... it feels like it did at the end of my pregnancy with my daughter. I am sure it is just things streching but having it so high is weird.

Anyone else feeling this?

Re: Top of stomach pain...

  • I was having pain there and at the center-left side of my abdomen, as well as lower down. I was totally freaked that it was a tubal pregnancy, and went to the doctor today, got an ultrasound...no baby problems, but she said I may have just strained some muscles at the gym, or even lifting a basket of laundry (I thought it was from constipation!)!  It may just be muscles, but if you're worried, get to the Doc!
  • yes, this started for me a couple of days ago... that and it is starting to get really hard... idk, Ill be asking my OB at my appt on monday, unless it gets worse, I will be calling.
  • Are you talking about right at the sterum/ breast bone? Last week I had the worst pain there. It made my stomach achy when I walked a lot so I had to stay put. I google it and it's actually a common pg symptom.
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