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Dream about a HUGE baby trying to kill me!

I was quite amused this morning when I woke up to reflect on the crazy dream that I had last night!  In the dream I was scared for my life because it was so vivid, but now I find it very funny. :)  Enjoy!

I was swimming in a pool with a bunch of my nieces and nephews and I was holding someone's baby (no clue who's baby he was).  He was GIGANTIC - like rolls everywhere and really heavy.  For some reason we were in the wave pool (who takes a baby into a wave pool - apparently this girl does in dreams) and an undertow pulled me and the fat baby under the water...

The baby wouldn't let go of my arms so we just kept sinking... down down down... In fact, I could have sworn in the dream he was an evil baby and held my arms on purpose. 

I tried to push him away from me, thinking he'd float to the top of the water, but instead he started sinking even more! I couldn't let a baby drown, no matter how evil, so I held on to him and finally got an arm free to grab onto the pool ladder.

Basically I saved myself and the fat baby.  After I saved him he became a sweet chunky baby again. hahah

What a weird dream! I just had to share! Stick out tongue

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Re: Dream about a HUGE baby trying to kill me!

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