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Miserable 48 hours (LONG)

The last two days have sucked royally.  =(

Sunday morning I woke up really congested with a lot of sinus pressure and a really sore throat.  I probably should have just rested all day but my ILs were coming over to see the nursery, go to lunch, and then to babies r us to buy us a stroller.  I knew they'd be pissy if I didn't go so I just toughed it out.  Bad idea. 

First, my ILs were almost an hour late getting to our house so by the time we got anywhere to eat lunch all the churchs had gotten out and we had to wait.  Add on to that the fact that my MIL is incapable of picking out what she wants to eat in a reasonable time frame and has to ask at least 30 questions about the menu.  Seriously woman, it's a mexican restaurant, they all serve the same stuff, just pick something.  It took us close to 2 hours to eat lunch between the wait, waiting for her, then actually eating.  During that time all she wanted to talk about was her giving birth to my H and SIL.  Seriously, I don't need to know your birthing stories.  I'm super modest and I'd prefer we not talk about this because I don't plan on telling you a detailed story of how your granddaughter emerged from my womb.  I'm already super anxious about the whole birthing process that I'd rather not focus on it all day. 

After lunch we go to babies r us to get the stroller.  Now, we don't NEED this stroller right now and we are perfectly capable of buying the stroller ourselves but my ILs harass my H daily about what big item they can buy for the baby so we just said this to shut them up.  The "we don't need anything answer" was constantly responded with well what about such and such item, do you have that yet?!?  Keep in mind my in-laws are BROKE.   FIL hasn't worked in years and MIL works 3 days a week at K-Mart.  MIL has no health insurance but has a hernia that she needs something done with but can't afford it.  I don't understandy why they insist on buying us something. 

Anyway, we get to BRU and FIL proceeds to tell me which strollers look more comfortable or are cuter than the one I picked out.  He does this with about 10 different strollers and I'm on the verge of just walking out.  Of course that BRU didn't have my stroller in stock though and they wouldn't let us do a buy then pick up later.  We could only order off the internet but then we couldn't use our coupon.  So this means we have to hit up another BRU.  I'd rather have a bullet in my head at this point. 

We go back to our house so the ILs can see the nursery only FIL is in such bad shape these days b/c all he does is sit in a recliner all day he doesn't want to walk upstairs.  We take MIL up there and all she does is tell us all the stuff that K-mart sells that would match our nursery and how she can get it all for 10% off.  Seriously woman, give it a rest.  The nursery is packed with everything the baby could need.  I thought asking you to buy the stroller would shut you up but apparently I was wrong.  Even my H is annoyed at this point. 

We finally take seperate cars to go to the second BRU which was a mad house b/c it just opened.  While we are waiting in line MIL tells me they will do whatever I want when it comes to the hospital.  So I tell her if the baby comes in the middle night we aren't calling anyone til morning b/c nobody needs to be out driving at 3am.  Well she then gets all huffy about that.  Look, don't say you'll do whatever want and then get mad when I tell you what we want.  By the time we get in our car to go back home I'm a wreck.  I cry all afternoon b/c I can't handle them and their pushiness about stuff.  I cry b/c I have so much anxiety about the birth and they are just making it worse.  I was seriously a mess. 

Sunday night I get no sleep b/c my head hurts so bad from all the sinus pressure and I'm miserable.  I decide there is no way I can go to work so I call in sick.  I also call my ob who wants me to be seen by my primary care dr just to be safe.  Primary care puts me on an antibiotic just in case there is an infection.  All through the day though, LO is not moving.  Last night I start getting worried and starting doing all the things that usually make her move and while I might get 1 little flutter, nothing like before.  So at 10:30 last night we had to L&D to have her checked.  Thankfully, she's ok.  She really wasn't moving at all when I first got there but after being on the monitor for about an hour her movements finally picked up.  I'm apparently having contractions also but I can't feel them.  We got home about 12:30 last night and now I'm at work. 

I still feel like crap and I want to run away to far far land to have this kid in peace.  I wish she would just get here so I could be done with all the hospital anxiety.  Thankfully, my H has agreed that I can call my mom whenever I want to and we will not call his parents until she is here and we are ready for them to come.  I know it's totally not fair but they are going to drive me to a psych ward if we don't take control of the situation. 

Here's a tasty cupcake for you if you made it to the end. 


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Re: Miserable 48 hours (LONG)

  • NeilMed Sinus rinse for the head. It's a little gross...but better than a netipot!

    My MIL is a crazy woman too. I'm sure you and I are not the only two with psycho MILs! :)  I had to block mine on FB.  I don't put much on there, but I put on there that my last day of work was last Friday...and she called me and DH several times to see if I was having the baby THAT day.  NO, but my BP was high, so off I went. 

    We aren't telling MIL about the baby's scheduled arrival on Friday until well after he is here. Nothing on FB. Nothing on Twitter. NOTHING.  A few close friends and my dad know (Dad is coming to watch DS and our dogs.)

    Relax and draw some definite lines as soon as your LO arrives. Make your DH be the bad guy if necessary!

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  • I'm sorry - that sounds like an awful experience all around!  I think between lunch and two BRU trips I'd be a bawling wreck even without pushy inlaws or a cold.
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  • Ugh =(  That sounds pretty awful.  I'm sorry you have had such a rotten 48 hours! Feel better soon.
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    Goodbye good boy Toby. We will love and miss you forever - RIP 1/18/12
  • ((HUGS))...I completely understand. I dealt with a cold for the last 2 weeks. I am just FINALLY feeling better today. It's miserable enough to have a cold and be pregnant, but then to deal with all of that on top of it, you are a saint!


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  • Feel better!!! It sucks not being able to do / handle situations like you normally would pre-pregnancy... just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! And, those red velvet cupcakes look AMAZING!
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