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Recommend bumbo, bebepod, etc.

Do you ladies (esp. second time moms) have recommendations about these?  Which is most useful?

Re: Recommend bumbo, bebepod, etc.

  • We have a Bumbo and DD1 used it quite often. I recommend looking for one at a consignment shop. Ours was given to us, and while DD used it often, I don't think I would've spent $40 on it.

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  • Bumbo worked great for DD and we will use it with DS also. just please do not leave your child unattended in it especially on a table or counter. Thats what gave it a bad rep. 

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  • We used a Bumbo with DS and he used it for quite a few months. Definitely check for one at a consignment store though - I see ones that look brand new there all the time for very cheap.
  • We didn't have one for DS1. I actually think that was part of the reason he sat up by himself before most babies in our circle. A friend gave me a bumbo for this one. I think I might use it since the 2nd kid doesn't get as much one on one attention. Plus I'm sure she'll want to sit around watching her big brother. All of my friends have bumbo's and love them. I do have one friend who has a very big baby. She's 6 months and in 18 month clothes. Her legs were too big for the bumbo so they ended up getting a different kind... prince lionheart or something like that.
  • We bought one for our second DD (didn't have one for our first DD - I don't know if they were out yet) and it was $$ well spent.  My DD used it, then my niece, then my nephew, another niece, and now it's at DH's cousin's house.  We'll be getting it back for this little guy... I hope it's still standing - it was after the last niece - LOL!


    Edit - This was all about the Bumbo seat... sorry for leaving out that detail.  LOL!

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  • E loved her Bumbo but didn't get to use it very long due to her thunder thighs. I wish I would have bought a used one for $12 or so instead of $40 for a new one
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  • I got a bumbo with tray off craigslist for $15. She loved it, we used it all the time, even as a high chair until she was 8 months old and could get out of it. Well worth the money!
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  • I got one from my mom that has the tray with all the toys on it. If you have a friend with one I would see if they let you borrow it. My friend has a 4 month old and my LO isn't born yet so I just let her borrow it because by the time my LO uses it he will outgrow it and he loves it!
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  • I like the bebepod because it doubles as a booster (attaches to chairs) and comes with the tray and toys. I think you have to buy the bumbo tray. Other than that they are the same thing
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  • We bought a bumbo new, but on sale at Target so I think it was around $32. I think it was worth every penny! I had DS in it as soon as he had enough head control because he hated laying down and always needed to be upright looking at things. He would sit in it while we worked outside and around the house and when he started eating solids we fed him in it. It was also something small we could bring to others houses that would keep him contained and happy for awhile. I also got a lot of use out of it in the shower. He did not like to be left alone even for 10 min while I took a shower, so I would bring the bumbo in the shower and wash him up as I did my shower. I kept him happy and didn't have to do separate baths.
  • I have no experience with the Bebepod but, a PP said that it can actually attached to a chair and used as a booster.  If that's the case, then that's the product I would get.

    We had a Bumbo and what a complete and total waste of money it was.  First of all, our son was (and is) SKINNY and he was getting stuck in the leg holes by 9 months old.  I can't imagine a normally proportioned baby comfortably getting any use out of it.

    It has no versatility at all.  It can only be used on the floor.  It tips and flips unbelievably easily.  It should not be used on any sort of elevated surface, ever. The difference between you boing there while it's on the table and not being there while it's on the table is the difference between actually watching your child hit the floor and just hearing the screams after it happens.  If you don't physically have your hands on it. your baby will be able to flip it over.

    You can't use it in the bathtub, it floats, and them tips over more easily.

    Unless your baby has a developmental delay and your physical therapist recommends it, I can't see any redeeming quality to the Bumbo at all. Especially not for $40. 


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