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I don't beat my children....

OMG---I feel like the worst mother EVER. I don't beat my children but you'd think something was up if you saw my oldest son. 

At the end of August my 3 yr old was at the park with me and he "jumped" off of the swing---landed funny and ended up fracturing his foot and being in a cast for 2 wks (the cast didn't come for 2 wks after the injury because it took 3 docs that long to figure out that he needed one)--ugh.  So all that suffering between there.  (I've posted about this before--you may recall)

Then this past Friday he wakes up, goes potty and as I'm cleaning his little potty out he's behind me in the bathrooom and either tried to jump over the stool that was there or tripped--and hit his nose right on the bathtub--- fell to the ground and instantly started shaking/screaming.  I could tell right away something was REALLY wrong (not that fake stuff)--and his nose blew up like a balloon and then started gushing blood.  I just held him and tried to keep my composure because he was already freaking.

I tried getting him to ice his nose once it stopped bleeding and he refused.  I tried every trick in the book.  So basically I just let him rest and watch tv and watched him very carefully.  My mom even came by to assess it and didn't think it was broken.  Either way--from what I read online it said they can't do anything anyways until the swelling goes down in 7-14 days. 

So we skipped the doc this time because he was seriously tramatized from the last visit and I figured I'd wait until the morning and see how he was.  He was already acting like a monkey again within an hour of this inury.  By the next day he was blowing his nose a bit and still acting like a monkey toddler.  So I still haven't called the doc. 

I feel bad---his nose is very bruised by the bridge area....and swollen.  He can somewhat breathe out of it----he's blowing his nose when he needs to---sleeping ok, etc.  A part of me seriously was afraid to go to the doc because I know the next time he gets hurt that bad they'd be calling DCFS.  I have nothing to hide.  They can investigate me all they want.  I never touch my children except to hug them and cuddle them.  BUT still...... I can't imagine having to explain it all--except that he's a three year old BOY.  But I feel like a horrible mom---it's not like any of it could really have been totally prevented---and I can't put him in bubble wrap. 

I'm in serious trouble--I have TWO boys.  I need to take a picture of my hair without gray now and show it to them in a couple years and say see.......mommy wasn't always gray LOL.  OMG my anxiety level has gone up so much the last 6 weeks or so----I just want my little buddy to be in one piece and without injuries.  Poor baby.


ETA:  Would you call the doc????  LIke a specialist??  I'm not sure what they can even do for it--from what I hear, nothing.  Plus it's still pretty swollen--not sure if they can even xray it.  Ugh.  I hate this part of motherhood.

Re: I don't beat my children....

  • Oh, poor kid!  
    FWIW, I think unless it was the same type of injury over and over, no one will suspect you of abuse.
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  • Oh dear!

    Boys are very physical, most of the time I feel I'm trying to protect DS from himself. 

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  • I agree with the pp. THe injuries are totally different and unless your explanation doesn't match the injury, there would be no reason to suspect any abuse. If it gets worse, take him in for sure. You wouldn't want it to heal funny and then have to re-break it to straighten it out. I think that would be more tramatic then a dr. visit now.
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  • LOL- I feel ya, but my littlest one is my daredevil.  In july she got stitches roughhousing.  Got her home loved on her, turned my back and cought her trying to somersault off of 3 stacked stools.  The next day I hear "1,2,3,g-" Turn around to catch her from going down the slide with a chair she hauled up there. 

    Then in August, DS knocked a tooth out.  He also had impetigo so was all scratched up.

    Then in Sept, DD#1 chipped a tooth.  And DS took a good fall on asphault and re won't catch himself with his hands- he turns them in and pulls them to his chest, so his arms were roadburned and a goose egg on his forehead.

    People laugh, but I fear the CPS too!!


    Hope your LO feels better!

    If you really want to be happy, no one can stop you.

  • My SO has a 2.5 yo who is very very physical, and I swear the child is too tough for his own good. He can smack his head on anything and cry for 20 seconds before laughing and playing again...

    We're expecting little boy terror number two in Jan... who already is insanely active. There must be some serious work that needs to be done on my uterus from the inside, because he is go-go-go all day and all night.  

    You're still sane right? It can be done?  Lol...I'm glad to know that there are other seriously accident prone families out there!
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  • Poor little guy :( Poor Mama :(  I'm sorry.

    I've actually never posted on this board before, I'm mostly on the Nov 11 board because we are expecting our second in November.  However, it's getting to the point that lots of people are starting to have their babies and I'm still huge and uncomfortable with a ways to go and it's pissing me off.  So I decided to check out some other boards.  Since our first son is almost 3, this one seemed appropriate. 

    I wanted to comment on this thread because in my profession, I am a mandated child abuse reporter.  I have to say, unless there is A LOT more to this story, or your child's history that you aren't telling us, I really don't see anyone reporting you for this.

    Two completely separate incidents and injury types with stories that are plausible and would lead to injuries like the ones the child is showing are not terribly suspicious.  Especially if you bring him to your pediatrician who knows this child and his history and has seem him develop over the years and has a feeling for how he is generally cared for. 

    I would definitely bring him in if it were my child in this situation.  Not only does it sound like he really does need medical attention, a big red flag for child abuse is discovering that a child has/had a serious injury for which medical treatment was NOT sought. 

    A parent of an injured 3 year old who is injured with normal 3 year old kind of stuff doesn't look suspicious.  A parent of an injured 3 year old who is avoiding the doctor does.

    Bring him in, you'll either get him the treatment that he needs or you'll get peace of mind that he doesn't need anything additional.  Either way, you'll feel better. 

  • I would call, my son got kicked in the face at the playground (walked by a kid swinging) and they hit his nose.  I wasn't sure if it was broken and the doctor came in on a SUNDAY to see us.  

    I would go, don't even think twice about what others will think.  You know the truth and that's that.  If they want to investigate whatever, they will find nothing, nothing to hide!

    Mama first, worry about the thoughts of others dead last... if at all!! ;) 


    Mama to Jack & Jude.


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