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Crafty ladies, need help, DD room decs

We are working on a big girl room for DD before baby arrives in March.  I'm going with poppies (the flower) as a loose theme.  Simplicistically, poppies are round and symmetrical.  People who make poppy hair bows just cut circles of red fabric, each slightly smaller than the next, stack them (smallest on top) and join them in the middle with a fastener (think bullseye, each ring is a circle of fabric).  If you're still with me...thanks.  I want to create large (maybe 2ft wide), dimensional poppies to hang on her wall.  I cannot decide what material to use for the flowers (the circles, in the hair bow example).  Fabric may be too floppy, tissue paper is too flimsy and won't last, ........I'm stumped.  TIA!

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Re: Crafty ladies, need help, DD room decs

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