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Well that is just wonderful..... :-/

I got a letter from Louisiana Medicad office stating that when I'm pregnant I will be limited to only two ultrasounds throughout the entire pregnancey unless doctor requires more. The is very stupid, I mean cutting back is fine but two in a span of nine month is rediculous.
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Re: Well that is just wonderful..... :-/

  • That sucks!  I would talk to your doctor's office and see if the doctor would be comfortable writing a letter to them saying it's medically necessary due to previous miscarriage?  When i started investigating whether or not my insurance would cover the NT scan, I was told part of it may be and the other part may not be.  However, the insurance company said that I could always have my doctor's office write a letter and they would take it into consideration.  So, maybe that could be a solution for you!

    Good luck! 

  • That's normal. All your doctor needs to do is have it coded as necessary.
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  • I don't understand why people complain about not getting a ton of ultrasounds. If your doctor suspects something, and wants you to get another one, it WILL be medically necessary. Otherwise, just be thankful your LO is doing just fine!
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  • I only get two based on my Dr's practice unless things are going wrong & I need more medically.  In the beginning my Dr. followed my betas, then I had my 20 week anatomy scan & my 30-32 week growth scan, that is the norm where I live.  I'm glad I didn't need anymore than that.
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  • I dont think thats totally unreasonable. My private insurance (which Ive been pretty pleased with) only covers 2 ultrasounds, the first one around 8-10 wks and the anatomy scan at 18-20wks. I have unfortunately had a few extra because I might be having some issues. I wish I only had one so far...its nice seeing the peanut but its hard to worry so much. You dont want any medically necessary extra ultrasounds!!
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  • I think that is pretty typical unless they have a reason to do more. You can always look for an elective ultrasound facility and pay for additional ones yourself. 
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  • If the Dr orders more they will cover it.  If he knows you and how you feel then he will simply order more.  Ask him, he will proabably do it.  Most do, and he will get paid for it, he just has to give the order.


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  • image RachaelA:
    That's normal. All your doctor needs to do is have it coded as necessary.
    This.  Most places I've heard of allow two u/s (typically one early on for viability/dating and the a/s).  Getting more depends on coding.  There are a whole slew of things that can prompt additional u/s that, if coded correctly, will be deemed medically necessary and covered by insurance.

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  • I've only had 2 and I'm pretty sure that's all I'll have unless there are some issues later on.  It seems pretty standard to me.  And, if the doctor deems it necessary, then there won't be any issues.
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  • My insurance has the same rule, but my Dr has been very good about coding each u/s to show it's medical necessity and I haven't had them take issue with any of them yet. 

    I hope it works out the same for you!  I agree that it is stupid to limit them like that though.

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  • My OB only routinely does 2 u/s during pregnancy unless more are needed.  With DD, I had 1 or 2 extra toward the end because she measured big for several weeks.  I don't know if that was the norm or a restriction under my insurance (which was great insurance).
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