3rd Trimester

Awesome gift idea

A close girlfriend of mine gave me a "rice blanket" tonight as a gift, which her mom makes/sells on Etsy.  Its is a small blanket for the baby filled with rice which you stick in the microwave and then put the baby on to fall asleep, wrap the baby in while carrying to the car, etc. (I'm thinking I'll be using it as a heating pad for my back, too).  Her nephew had a hard time sleeping as a newborn but once they tried this it worked like a charm.

 I searched for her shop on Etsy and couldn't find it yet..but found this in the meantime, which is also an awesome idea. 


It is a rice pack shaped like an owl (they have giraffes, elephants, etc) that you use for "ouchies"-it can be heated in the microwave or frozen in the freezer and used for various ailments.  Its way cuter than a heating pad or an ice pack and I would have loved this as a kid.  It looks like a pretty easy diy project but they are also priced pretty affordably on Etsy.  Anyway-I'm always on the lookout for good gift ideas/projects so thought I'd share :)

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