Femara didn't work... =(

I had an ultrasound this week and found out that the femara had no effect on my ovaries... I was so shocked.  I guess I really felt like we would actually get to start trying this month.   I have PCOS and do not have a period or ovulate at all.  The next step is the injection, but I know that is a little on the expensive side and we just can't afford it right now.  I'm so sad...
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Re: Femara didn't work... =(

  • I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work.  I hope you're able to make a good plan going forward.
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  • I am not familiar with Femara but I am familiar with be shocked and sad when something doesn't work. I am really sorry you are feeling down and I pray you will find something that is managable and works for you. Being sad sucks! and all we can do is try to keep busy to distract a bit and hope it passes quickly.
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  • Was this your first round of Femara?  If so, what was your dosage?  I was a PCOS non-responder too and didn't respond well to Clomid or my first attempt at Femara.  Increasing the dosage for Femara resulted in my first-ever "O on time" so don't give up hope!

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  • Your doctor will probably suggest trying a higher dose of Femara, and/or you could ask about doing Femara with some injections.  You could pay $20-60 per vial for the shots, and you'd likely start on one vial a day for 2-5 days.  So it doesn't have to be terribly expensive.

    My RE recommends, which is in the UK, and that's where you can get vials for $18.75.


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  • I am so sorry to hear that hun! I am you. (for lack of a better way to describe it) I only had my period every 6 months and i have PCOS. I tried for a long time to get my period normal. and i tried injections and clomid and all that. I stopped trying and started using progesterone cream because i was trying to use holistic methods. AND BOOM out of no where i now have regular period cycles!!! :) So Keep your head up maybe go to a vitamin store and get progesterone cream.... it works. I still use it to this day! Good Luck!
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