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Ideas for 1st Birthday

I need ideas on where to have a Birthday Party for a 1 yr old besides my home.  We were thinking a park, but being in November the weather might be a problem.

Re: Ideas for 1st Birthday

  • - If you're a member of a country club you could do it in their club house.

    - A fun restaurant where it's kid centered

    - Kid Museum (assuming you will have kids of all ages there)

    - Indoor waterpark

    Good's tough for 1st bday if you don't want to do it in your home!

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  • Do you have any relatives or friends that live in an apartment or community that has a clubhouse?  We had my baby shower at a clubhouse for some patio homes where MIL's friend lives.

    You could also do it at a restaurant if you can get a private room.

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