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Question: Raspberry Leaf Tea & Evening Primrose Oil

My midwife recommended (and I am willing to try) red raspberry leaf tea (as much as I want) during these last couple of weeks. I am going to the store here to pick some up, but before I do I wanted to ask a couple questions.

I asked my midwife, but all she told me was that it was "an acquired taste".
So, if you are doing the Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, do you dress it up?

1.) MW told me it might be bitter and to sweeten it. Do you?
2.) Can you add milk to it? I've read in multiple places that it tastes more like a black tea then an herbal tea. I drink my English Breakfast with milk & sugar.

About the PRO-- MW recommends inserting it vaginally. H will help me with this (I can't reach! Embarrassed ) but I'm wondering if it will be just as effective if I take it orally? MW says I could do either, but she has seen better results from vaginal insertion. If you use or have used PRO, which method do you prefer?

Thanks for your input/opinions ladies!
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Re: Question: Raspberry Leaf Tea & Evening Primrose Oil

  • I just added a little bit of Sweet N Low to the tea, and I actually really liked the way it tasted.
  • I just add some honey which is good for you anyway and also some chamomile, i get mine as loose tea from a little spice shop near my house, so i can mix up a little of whatever i like in there...but it depends on how strong you make it how much you would need and your own taste:)


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  • Regarding the tea - it tastes fine to me by itself. I wouldnt call it bitter. Sometimes I add some sugar if I'm having it at home. If I make it at work, I just drink it plain. I was drinking it 3x a day but am running out and can't find it at my supermarket where it was before! The tea doesn't induce labor, though. It will just help your uterus tone and prepare for labor - supposedly makes active labor easier and shorter.

    I've made it in big batches and put in a jug in the refrigerator before too. My aunt used to own a natural food/health store and told me it was fine to drink hot or cold. I'm sure the milk would be fine with it.

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  • i started taking the oil in the evenings 1300mg capsules, 1 orally and 1 in my V...

    it leaks at night so i put a pantie liner .. its kind of gross i woke up to go pee the other night and my entire pantie liner was soaked .. sorry for TMI

    i guess i am just like u want to get my body prepared, so whatever it takes, goes!

    for the tea bags.. i add 1 splenda and its not as bad as u think at all.. tastes sort of like green tea to me, i try to have it once a day after lunch 

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  • I'm actually quite enjoying the tea! It does taste like a black tea, which I typically don't drink, but I quickly got used to the taste and I'm enjoying 4 cups per day with nothing added to it. I've heard that some people like to have it iced with a squirt of fresh orange though so there are ways to dress it up if you're not a fan :)

    As for the primrose oil.. I've been taking 6 pills, 2 per time, 3 times per day. One oral and one vaginal per time. I heard that it's more effective when you can get it right up to your cervix, so that's the reasoning for taking it vaginally. Warning though, it's given me increased discharge which isn't pleasant during the day so I haven't used it at all the last couple days.. I think I'll switch to just doing oral during the day and vaginal before bed...

  • To me, the tea is not bad. I do usually add a bit of honey or sugar but it's not terrible without (just better with). I am taking EPO both vaginally and orally. Everything I have read has said vaginally is best but I wanted to start taking it early (I've had a previous c/s and am hoping for a vbac so I'm on a bit more of a time limit than most...plus I can't be induced) and my OB would only let me take it orally until I was full term. So, I started that way at 35 weeks and just started taking it vaginally last night. It supposedly takes a while to start having and affect at all so I wanted to get going asap. I only get to go to 41 weeks before I have to have a rcs.
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  • I hate the taste of the tea, so I take it in pill form. You can find them at Whole Foods in their herbal section.

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  • I take 2 capsules in the morning (found them at Whole Foods) and drink Pregnancy Tea at night (also found at WF).  I also insert EPO at night (1 capsule) but it does leak whenever I wake up to pee.
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  • My MW told me that I could start drinking the tea 3 weeks ago when I was 30 weeks pregnant. I ran out to buy some, put it in the cabinet, and forgot all about it (damn pregnancy brain). I am going to start drinking it tomorrow. 

    As for the EPO, my MW also recommended that I wait to begin using it until 36-37 weeks, and to insert it vaginally. I know you can take it orally, but from the people I know who used it, they all said that they used it vaginally, so I am going to follow their lead. Hopefully it works!  


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  • I happen to like the taste of Red Raspberry Leaf tea. I drink it plain. I also sometimes drink it cold (like an iced tea). You could certainly add some milk and sugar if you like it that way.


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