Trying to Get Pregnant


Even though this looks like a total noobie doing a drive-by...I changed my screen name a short while ago so I could have more local privacy...

DH and I started not-avoiding about a year ago.  We both wanted another baby, but I was nervous enough about having a second child and he was busy enough that we didn't try very hard.  During the past year, I did OPKs 4 or 5 cycles, charted my temps 4 or 5 cycles, and checked CM every month.  The OPKs and temping coincided twice. 

I had a chemical pregnancy in February.

This month, I used OPKs and checked my CM.  I took my temps with good intentions a handful of times.  DH and I only managed to do the deed once during my fertile period (I believe about one day before O).

Today I took two little strip tests and saw the barest of a hint of a line, then took a digital, and got a definite BFP.

Just thought I would share...


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