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Help! 19mo won't eat ANY veggies or fruit??

Any ideas?  I tried sneaking stuff in but nada works.  I maybe can get her to eat a bite of banana or some watermelon but nothing else.  She only wants toast or cereal all day. :(

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Re: Help! 19mo won't eat ANY veggies or fruit??

  • DS won't eat any veggies. The organic squeeze pouches from Target are awesome. He'll suck down any of them. Tonight with dinner he had spinach/green beans/ was gone in under a minute!
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  • image Novem06:
    DS won't eat any veggies. The organic squeeze pouches from Target are awesome. He'll suck down any of them. Tonight with dinner he had spinach/green beans/ was gone in under a minute!

    I was just going to suggest those fruit/veggie squeeze pouches. 

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  • Other than the pouches that the PPs recommended, maybe try Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook? She teaches you how to sneak veggies in. Sometimes I finely shred carrots in our marinara sauce.

    Also, I buy the vegetable pasta -- it's tricolor and counts as a serving of veggies. It's a decent alternative

  • Another rec for the pouches. They are pricey, but my picky DD woofs them down like crazy. They are great to get some fruit and veggies into her. They are also fantastic for taking to restaurants as additional food or to get them occupied. I buy the similar applesauce pouches for my older son. 
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  • Maybe try those fruit/veggies melts from Gerber; my son loves them.
  • Making a smoothie, puree it into pasta sauce, make fruit popsicles, putting pasta sauce over it, letting her dip pieces of veggies into something...
  • I make DS smoothies with frozen fruit, and I throw in broccoli or spinach or carrots as well.  I also sneak his probiotics in there.  Add some not-from-concentrate OJ and blend, and he sucks it down like there's no tomorrow, and I don't feel too bad when he won't eat his veggies at dinner :)

    He also LOVES soup and pot pie, and since everything kinda has blended flavors he'll eat veggies, meat, and noodles with no problem.  Right now I'm feeding him turkey noodle soup for dinner. 

  • I agree with some PP's suggestions. Try hiding some in meals (Jessica Seinfeld style), and giving those pouches in between. Also, don't stop offering them at mealtimes. I have been consistent with offering DD everything that we are eating for dinner and she will often refuse the entire meal. However, lately she has started eating more and more of what I give her. She is coming around a little bit with veggies, and every little bit of progress counts.

    Finally, I started offering her fruit and veggies before I serve the main course. That is when she's the most hungry and likely to pick it up and eat it.

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  • S loves her veggies frozen. she'll eat them all (peas, carrots, corn) when they're frozen. when cooked, she doesn't eat as much. it's worth a shot, right?
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  • I feel your pain although thankfully DS eats fruit.  He won't eat one single veggie, nor does he eat pasta and he does not like dipping sauce of any kind.  I decided I'm going to work on offering him pasta and HOPE one day he will accept it.  At least that way I can sneak some veggies into the sauce.  I think I'll check out those pouches.  Can someone tell me if they are in the baby food section or in the grocery section?
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