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Tell me about the moment you saw the +

I love watching the live pregnancy test videos on youtube. 

So I'm interested...care to share the story behind the moment you first saw the + or "pregnant" on the test? Were you shocked? Knew it was coming? Scared? Excited? Did you cry? Did you tell your partner right away or wait?  

Re: Tell me about the moment you saw the +

  • I was soo excited, I have been wanting to have a baby for a long time! My husband was right outside the bathroom as I took it and we shared the moment of happiness and excitement!! Whenever my period isn't right on time I get excited because I would think I was pregnant, this time it was actually becuase I was!!

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  • With #1 is was pure shock, followed by tears or pure joy/happiness.

    With #2 is was just excitement.  I ran downstairs and showed DH and DS. And we snapped a picture right away =)

    With #3 (yesterday) I had two very faint tests so we weren't really sure what to think.  Then I confirmed with a digital a few hours later and ran down to show DH and the kids.  Then DH and I gave each other a big hug and kiss and DS said "Can we have another baby girl like the one we already have? She's my best friend!"

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  • I took the test for #1 while my husband was at work even though I swore to him I'd wait until he got home. I was surprised, and shoved it in his face when he got home. It took a second for him to register what it was.

    For #2 I had taken a few tests early but they were negative. I was convinced I was not pregnant because I had tested so early last time, but decided to take another test on the morning my period was due. I just looked at it and said "Um, I think that's a line." Then I got dressed and went to CVS for a digital. Not too exciting I guess, but I was still amazed to see the "pregnant" show up. 

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  • I had been cramping like crazy and telling my husband for a week and a half that I was SURE I wasn't pregnant.  I was also having to pee like crazy, so one morning I woke up early, right after he went to work, and went and bought a test.  I figured, this way I don't have to wonder, I'll know I'm not pregnant for sure.  I also thought, I just wasted another $8 on pregnancy tests.  I got home, peed on the stick, waited, and sure enough, TWO PINK LINES!!  My eyes bugged out of my head, my hands started shaking and I quickly took another test, just to be sure.  I texted my husband and said "call me ASAP"  he ducked into a closet (he's not supposed to use his phone at work) and called me.  I said "Honey, I just took two pregnancy tests and they are both positive!"  Wispering, he said "Wow!  That is great!  I have to go!"
  • How sweet is that!  I remember you from the tri days.  Congrats on your BFP!

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    With #1 is was pure shock, followed by tears or pure joy/happiness.

    With #2 is was just excitement.  I ran downstairs and showed DH and DS. And we snapped a picture right away =)

    With #3 (yesterday) I had two very faint tests so we weren't really sure what to think.  Then I confirmed with a digital a few hours later and ran down to show DH and the kids.  Then DH and I gave each other a big hug and kiss and DS said "Can we have another baby girl like the one we already have? She's my best friend!"

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  • Both times we got our BFP I was SO SURE that it would be negative that I got up, took a HPT and went back to sleep, leaving DH to find it sitting on the counter. The second time, he said "Did you do that on purpose??" I really didn't. I also didn't believe him when he told me we had a BFP bc he's been known to play mean/insensitive tricks in the past. As soon as he showed me, I ran to him and jumped up and cried in his arms. We have been TTC since May 2010.
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  • What a fun experience for us all to share!

    Hubby and I had just started trying. After going of BC I had one period but instead of 28 days, my cycle was 39 days. So when my next period was due, I waited and waited, thinking it was just late again. I didnt want to get my hopes up like I did the last month, so I kept telling myself to wait. Day 50 I finally took a test before hubby got off work, expecting a neg. Guessss whaaaat it wasnt negative!

    It was SO hard not to text hubby. He even called on his way home and it KILLED me not to tell him  on the phone. So I just stared at myself in the mirror going "your going to be a mommy" and cryingBig Smile Cheesy I know, but its been my dream since I was a little girl!

  • PS Now Im all over Youtube crying my eyes out watching these videos!
  • The moment I saw the two positive lines on the test I was so excited!  And when I took the second one and got a positive, I was overjoyed.  It was such a bittersweet moment getting a positive.  I was so excited to tell my husband, but sad to realize my husband would be deployed overseas with the U.S Army when our baby was born.  But I was also excited thinking about the first moment he would meet his son or daughter :-)  I did cry, I even cried the day we went to my normal Dr to confirm with a urine test there and an Hcg level test.   We told my parents right away, but waited to tell his until after my first OB appointment, which in iteself was a crazy rollarcoaster ride.  We actually caught my pregnancy incredibly early.  So when i went to the OB my Hcg Beta level was only 35 and she thought i was miscarrying, but she drew it again and it was over 400 so right on target of where it should be from my week earliers blood level.  Its already been an emotinal rollar coaster, but its also been the most amazing experience of my life :-)

  • Let me start out by saying this baby wasn't planned, nor are our lives prepared for a baby to enter. (But we're working on it pretty quickly :) ) We did desperately want kids and we wanted them fairly early.

    So me and the fiance did our thing one night and almost immediately after I told him that I could get pregnant. It was exactly 14 days after my LMP. About two weeks later, the day I expected my period, I woke up and went to the bathroom and took a pregnancy test. I just had a gut feeling. I have taken a few tests before and expected only one line, even though I had this feeling. So when I looked at the pee pass the window and a SECOND line appear, my jaw just DROPPED. And then a smile planted on my face and it's been there since. I ran out of the bathroom and threw myself back into bed with my fiance, shoving the stick in his face (cap on of course). His response? "So we're not pregnant?" haha. He had the same reaction as me and we just sat there smiling and staring at each other for several minutes.

    Once we were done with that, I demanded to pee on more sticks. So we went to krogers and got a 3 for 2 pack and I peed on two more. Baby(babies?) B wasn't planned, but we've never been so happy.  =]

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  • One beautiful morning, DH woke up late. This particular morning was the morning of a formation (DH is Army) and DH was in some deep doo-doo if he was discovered being late. To stop him from having a meltdown, I told him to take me to the hospital. I've had some dehydration issues in the past, so I figured it was the perfect time and opportunity to get them checked out.


    We're in the triage room and the nurse asks if I could be pregnant. I, of course, said "probably not, if there is a chance, it's a minuet one."

     Back in the waiting room, we joke about how HILARIOUS it would be if I found out that I was pregnant all because he was late for work. 


    I told him I would kill him if that was the case. 


    A bit later, I'm in the hospital room and they're running tests. I was indeed dehydrated, so I was put on a saline drip.  


    The doctor comes in and says seven words that I will never forget.


    I have good news, Mrs. King. You're pregnant!


    That's when my monitors start going nuts. My heart rate went from 93 to 137 in five seconds.


    After spewing a few curse words at the doctor (such as "you're fvcking kidding me") I started crying and looked at my husband.


    I've never seen him so happy in my entire life.


    And that is how this little baby bump came to be. 

    What a story to tell the kids,



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  • since this is our 3rd it's not as big a shock, but for some reason my body is not following the same path, I got pregnant with my first daughter exactly 7 years after atarting my period, and then I got pregnant with my second exactly 7 years aftger that, so I figured I was good until 2015, and all of a sudden I missed periods, and my boobs ached, and i was so tired, so I told my hubby it was time to get a test 14 days after my period was supposed to come, and I didnt even wait for morning, I went in peed on the stick, and didnt even have to wait, it was right away, a positive, so I put the test back in my purse to conceal from my 9 year old big mouth nosey one, and sat down on my bed, and my hubby asked if I took it, I said yes, so he said well? I told him to look in my purse, so he did, and he said r u kidding? is this a fake one? I said umm no, and he was like, see? I told u!.

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  • I never thought of looking for videos of pregnancy test results on youtube, but now I am watching them and crying my eyes out!  It's a small way of reliving that awesome moment again.  Of course I would never have video taped myself reading the results.. I had too many disappointments.  When I finally got my +, it was the last thing I was expecting. 
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  • We weren't trying, we just weren't stopping it from happening.Hubby and I had been fairly sure for a while- heavy, sore breasts, no period for a week, etc. Some friends came over for a concert and I swore I would take the test after they left. Took one- it was positive. Went out and bought a digital one (for statistical rigor) and there was no doubt. Not even a minute later the words "Pregnant" showed up. He was calm and happy, I was a weepy shaky mess. I've already been on prenatal vitas so we will wait another month, just to be sure, then go to the doctor for confirmation. So happy!!
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  • I knew both times before I ever tested.  Not sure HOW I knew.  I just did.  With #1, I started testing when I thought was 12 DPO (I was actually a little farther along than that) and got three negatives.  I kept looking at the tests thinking "Why isn't this working?  Why is is lying to me?" And then I talked to a few friends that never got a positive with a dollar store test, so I bought a pack of more expensive ones and tested first thing in the morning.  DH was still in bed, so I crawled over to him and whispered into his ear.  He said, "Really?  Cool."  And once I got in the shower to get ready for the day, he came in to make sure I took the test the right way.  Silly man!  And despite us trying to keep it a secret, the very next day, he told everyone he worked with. 

    This time, I told DH two weeks before I ever tested "I think I'm pregnant this time."  He looked at me like I was crazy and I told him that he knew I wasn't crazy (I've "known" with two of our close friends too- before they knew... and then of course when I was pregnant with our son).  I didn't dwell on it much though because we had a lot to do to get ready for lots of company and DS's birthday party.  But the day my MIL left I was out running errands and had to pee every 30 minutes so I grabbed a test and took it as soon as I got home.  I took a picture of it and showed DH as soon as he got home.  I was so excited and it was so hard not to tell anyone while I waited for him to get home!


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  • I kept thinking I was pregnant then I would tell myself that I wasn't b/c it wouldn't happend that fast (only one month of trying).  Based on my projected O'd I waited until I missed my period by one day.  The next morning I peed on the stick, it took a while for the control line to pop up so I thought it was defective.  Went back to bed and then realized I didn't give it enough time.  Went back and sure enough a faint 2nd line.  I told DH and he was like take a 2nd one to confirm but wait until I get home.  We are excited but still cautious.  Hopefully all is well with this pregnancy and we'll have #2 in 8 months!!

    For DS, it was kind of a shock.  We were going to start trying in July.  So mid June, I had 2 trips coming up and I was expecting my period.  I was on CD 33 and nothing.  I wanted to know if I needed pads or tampons so I took a pregnancy test the next morning just to rule it out and then the pee stick fell in the toilet.  It showed a 2nd line.  I dismissed it b/c it had fallen in the toilet.  I told DH that there must be something wrong that I would take another that night.  I did and it was positive.  I charted for 4 years so I knew my cycles well and we were always careful during the fertile period but I guess not that careful, LOL.  and 2.5 years later Nic is the best thing that ever happened to us.

  • I kinda knew I was because my period is NEVER late but I still never thought my dream would finally come true, you know?  Husband and I stared at the test 6 inches from our faces watching the lines change.  When 2 lines came up I just couldn't believe it.  After we hugged, my legs were too shaky for me to stand and I kind of crawled into our bedroom hyperventiliating.  My husband ran to get the camera to take a pic of the test. 
  • I've wanted a baby since I was about five years old.  It's something I discussed with my DH very early in our relationship, as he had to be on the same wavelength as me.  Due to some of my history, we were concerned that it would take a while/interventions for me to become pregnant, so we agreed to start trying right away so that we could get that help before we were too old.  We got married this past July.  I don't know what prompted me to take the test, it was late at night and I found myself peeing on that little stick.  I did not tell DH that I was doing this, but when I was the positive I got so excited that I started dancing around his office with the stick.  He was phenomenally underwhelmed by the whole thing and I did not get the reaction that I was looking for.  So, the next day I called my best friend and got the shrieks of joy that I was looking for!  DH has since gotten on board (I think I shocked the poor thing!).  Soooo excited to finally be getting ready for our family :)

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  • hubby and i were not trying to get pregnant but we werent preventing it.  i thought we would never have kids because ive always had such an irregular cycle (ive only had 5 natural periods in my life and im 21).  i had been having a lot of tenderness in my breasts for about 4 weeks.  i told my friend and she said i had better pee on a stick.  i laughed it off and let it go for another week until breakfast wasnt sitting quite right. 
    hubby and i had a weekend camping trip planned and we had to pick up a few things at the store when i told him i wanted to pick up a test to either rule it out or find out. when we got home i just peed on it because i wasnt expecting anything. so i did that then did some stuff around the house and went back like 10 min later and there were 2 lines! i screamed for my husband and asked him if i was seeing things and he told me no there were in fact 2 lines!  i started bawling instantly and he comforted me telling me everything was going to be ok. i was absolutley beside myself!
    i called my doctor and they ordered blood work and i went that day before we left for our trip. when we got home on monday i called the doctor for my results and they said i was pregnant somewhere between 1 & 3 months.  we had an ultrasound the following day and got to see our little sweet pea and found out we were 6 weeks along.  baby was so tiny and not very baby like. we could see thier little heart beating but we could hardly hear it. we just had another ultrasound at 8 weeks and baby is growing right on track and their little heart is beating away! we are praying everything keeps going well!

  • Haha these stories are so cute!

    Well when we got our BFP it was reaaally faint (last time I ever buy one of the non-digitals!) So I went to my hubby - who was still half asleep - and showed it to him and said "Either I am seeing things, or we are pregnant... do you see a line?" It took him a second to realize what that extra little line meant till he saw the little key code on the side haha. It was so faint I said I would test again the next morning. Needless to say, I bought a digital and tested that night - I just couldn't wait haha. And it said PREGNANT :) I ran down stairs smiles and all and declared "Omg, I'm going to be a mommy" That's when it actually hit me that I was really pregnant.




  • You guys will love this. My pregnancy was a complete shock. I have been on bc pills for about 10 years now and never had so much as a missed period. DH and I had scheduled our appt with an OB for pregnancy planning and we were going to go off bc pills NEXT YEAR. (FYI I am a natural blonde and so is DH) I actually was in the ER for what the ER doc, DH, and myself all thought was a blood clot in my lung. After hours of ct scans, urine tests, blood tests, and x-rays, the very young ER doc comes in the exam room and says, "Mrs. Stover I have some good news. I know what's causing your symptoms and it's not a blood clot. Your blood test shows you're pregnant..." I have been waiting for this moment my WHOLE LIFE so as soon as I heard him say that I looked right at him with the most innocent, dead pan look, and said, "Like OMG, really?? Is it MINE??" I was laughing so hard, but the ER doc looked so shocked, i thought he was gonna fall off his lil rolly stool thing!!
  • LOL I had been suspicious that I was pregnant but I had so many false alarms prior to taking a test and I didnt want to get DH excited for nothing...as we had been trying and gave up not too long prior to this. But, I was sitting there thinking I hate steak why do I want it? So, I took an old test I had BFN! Then a few days past and I told a lady she smelled like Lysol...off to waste another $8 but this time I snuck it in the house so DH didnt know I was taking it. I went to the restroom and BFP!!! I ran out of the bathroom and pretty much threw it at DH's head in excitement...he shrugged his shoulders and said "that explains a lot" then after he realized I peed on that stick he said "hey dont throw your pee stick at me" LOL



  • I have PCOS and for almost 7 years I have not used BC with my DH. I started working with a new OBGYN and I started losing weight and making a lot of life style changes. Not thinking anything about I started to regulate and then I skipped a month. This is nothing new for me so I did not pay attention. Well my doc wanted to give me Provera to induce AF, but she wanted to do a PT first. My exact wording was "Okay, but it isn't going to be posative. It never is." Well a few mins later the nurse came in and told me that "It was very very posative!" I about hit the floor. My little girl is the most wanted thing ever, I never thought I would be able to concieve without medications, but I did.

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  • Well I was in the emergency room and they were about to fill my prescription for provera after. It had been two weeks since the prescription was written and they told me then I wasn't pregnant. The emergency room informed me otherwise. I was very excited and scared all at the same time. I cried my eyes out and told my husband and we were both thrilled. 
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