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Bye for now

Hi everyone,

First I wanted to thank everyone for their support in the last few weeks.  It's hard to believe we only knew we were pregnant for 1 felt like much longer from all the stress of appointments, blood work, etc. 

Today we went in for our 1 week follow up after our last u/s (baby measured 6w3d, 80bpm).  I was cautiously optimistic going in, but hoping for a strong heart beat.  Instead, the doctor confirmed the baby hadn't developed at all, no heart beat. 

Sadly it looks like I'll be leaving you May mommies.  But DH and I are looking forward to trying again as soon as possible.  We've heard encouraging things about getting pregnant fairly easily after miscarriage, so our fingers are crossed that we'll be on these boards again soon.

I wish you all happy and healthy pregnancies!  :)

BFP#1 - 09/12/11, EDD 5/18/12 - Stopped growing at 6w3d, m/c induced 10/14/11
BFP#2 - 04/01/12, EDD 12/12/12, Arrived 12/4/12!!
BFP#3 - 12/31/13, EDD 09/10/14 - Grow baby, grow!

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