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Question for those with big babies

What do you do regarding toys and carseats and things?  For example, I think DS would really enjoy a jumperoo when he's a bit older, but jumperoos have a 25 lb weight limit.  He's 16 lbs already, so in a month when he's old enough to use a jumperoo, he'll probably be almost 20.  He really won't get much use out of it.


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Re: Question for those with big babies

  • My Lo was 16 lbs 11 oz at 4 months. And she LOVES it! I dont' worry that we wont get much use out of it because if you follow the weight chart - there is a curve. The weight gain will slow down. Like at 3 months she weighed 16 lbs. It was the first 3 months that she was gaining 2-3 lbs a month.

    I also consider it to be great exersize for her!


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  • My LO loves his exersauser. the age on his is 3 months and is good untill he can walk, or starts to climb out of it. He loves it! We have the Evenflo Exersaucer Double Fun - Tropical. it adjusts as he gets taller, which is great for us as LO is very long. I purchased a convertabe car seat which we will have to move him into swoon.

  • This may be the worst parenting advice ever, but I tend to "ignore" those rules the manufacturer sets a little bit with things like the jumparoo, toys, etc.  (The car seat is a different story, I follow all of those rules by the book.)  Our exersaucer says it's for ages 4+ months.  I started letting DS use it at 3 months because he was ready.  How does Fisher-Price know when my son can hold his head up and sit up for the most part?  Just go with your gut, if you think your DS is safe, then go for it. 
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  • I agree with NDE99.  Our twins started using the jumpy things around 3 months too.  They obviously get stronger as time goes by, but when you think your baby is ready try it.  You can also wrap towels or blankets around them to keep them more stable if you need to.  Or put something behind the babys head.
  • DS just had his four month.  He's 21.6 lbs. (He was 16.8 at 2 months) He's using a jumparoo.  He's been in a it for a few weeks.  Once his head was steady we went for it.  He loves that thing.  I say do it!
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  • I have 5 children and my last 2 were both over 12 lbs at birth.  What I have learned is that it is very important to follow weight limits for safety reasons but the reality is that you have no idea how quickly your baby will grow!  I always used the philosophy that they could enjoy it for as long as they were able even if it was only for a month.  One month of enjoyment during the newborn months is priceless even if for your own sanity! lol My son quickly got up to 31 lbs by 9 months old but then only gained 4 lbs his whole second year!  All he did was shoot up!  He is now 31 months old and is 41 inches tall and 44 lbs! I hope this helps.
  • DD is 16lbs now but I received her jumperoo from my shower.  She does love it though.  Her face lights up when she sees it now.  The carseat I have decided, it is what it is, when she outgrows the infant seat we move to the convertible chair that should last much longer. 

     Maybe look at a baby resale shop for a jumperoo?   

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  • My LO uses his Jumperoo for about 10 minutes a day. He has great head and upper body control for his age so he really enjoys it. My Pedi. (and the jumperoo website) suggested putting a rolled up receiving blanket around Lo when in the seat to help make them a bit more supported. LO is 18 pounds/25 1/2 inches tall.

    The swing is the one I worry about. I use it rarely now because even though it says 25 lbs. it seems to struggle to swing with him in it. Maybe it's just my swing though (2 year old Graco).

    I haven't had him in the infant carseat for about a month. The limit is 30 lbs. but he is so chunky and looked so uncomfortable in it. He is in a Graco covertible carseat and seems to enjoy the space. I use an infant headrest for support.




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  • What my husband and I did was for the real expensive items (obviously not the car seats) we bought at consignment shops.  95% of what we bought was brand new, tags still on.  I'm kinda leery about stuff like that, and I make sure EVERYTHING on it can be washed somehow.  But I think it's silly to spend that much money and have her 1) grow out of it so quickly and 2) not like it.  So far we bought a play mat, Baby Einstein jumper, Snug A Bug Swing and we just looked at a Little Tykes play gym for outside when she's able to climb (brand new in box).

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  • My 4month old is 19lbs. We too have began to wonder about toys and her size. Before we purchase anything we also double check if it can be returned if she is too big for it! Also I noticed safety first products seem to run larger. And if you are near a buybuy baby they have more choices for certain toys.
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