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Maternity pants cheating tip

Ladies, I have no idea if anyone else has thought of this yet but I wanted to share my awesome tip with you all in case you haven?t.  If you can fit into the standard clothing sizes at Target (small, medium, large, XL, etc.), you can easily use their yoga pants for maternity pants.  I?m petite but curvy so in my pre-pregnancy days, I fit a size S/M Petite in their yoga/workout pants.  As my pregnancy progressed, I just bought more yoga pants in bigger sizes.  Right now, I?m almost 7 months pregnant and I?m wearing a Large Petite and it fits me really well.  I can still fit comfortably into my size Medium Petite if I cinch it with my belly band (also found at Target).  When my belly gets even bigger, I figure I?ll just continue to wear my size Large Petites with the belly band. 


This has saved me a ton of money because not only are these yoga pants comfy and wearable throughout my pregnancy, I can continue to wear them after I have the baby.  The best part is that I buy all black yoga pants so that I can pair them with practically any top to achieve any look I want to, even a work outfit.  Everyone at my office assumes I bought maternity slacks.  Lol.


Hope this helps another mother-to-be to save a few bucks.  :-)

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