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So gassy she wont stop crying!! 2 days now...

Hey everybody,

Ellie is a month old tomorrow and yesterday and so far today shes been SO fussy. I know she's really gassy because she's passing a lot more than normal and her tummy is hard, but I know its hurting her because theres times when she's pushing and goes bright red and SCREAMS.


Since birth, she's been really easygoing and only wakes up once in the night... These last few days have been so stressful, I've barely slept and I don't know what to do! I've tried all types of positions, including the colic hold... If they help at all its usually only for a few minutes.


How do I help her? Are there any good ways to relieve it?

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Re: So gassy she wont stop crying!! 2 days now...

  • You can try Woodwards Gripe Water and/or gas drops since she's so young. You can also try rubbing her tummy to helps disperse the gas as well as holding her legs up to her tummy when she tries to push it out/fart. Bicycle legs help too...good luck
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  • My 10 week old is the same way, we switched to simulac sensitive and hope that helps.  We also use these drops called colief, you put the drops in the fromula and think they maybe helping. I wish I had more tips
  • A few things help calm my gassy baby:

    1) Pumping and cycling legs, folding him in half.

    2) walking briskly with him  in the baby carrier

    3) Colic Calm gripe water

    4) Mylicon drops aka simethicone/ infant gas drops

    5) Placing him to sleep on his baby recliner set to vibrate while he's swaddled


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  • our daughter was the same way (still is occasionally)  we switched her to similac sensitive ,not soy, but the fussiness and gas formula.  we also add a couple drops of gas drops (simethicone) to every bottle.  there was so many bubbles before, after adding drops all bubbles are gone.  hope this helps



  • I agree with MVhyde.  I have twins that were extremely gassy, and we found out they had acid reflux.  One twin remains on zantac (RX from Dr), and the other has cereal.  Both are better now at 17 weeks.  I would try the Mylacon or the tummys brand I liked better with each feeding. Def the bicycle legs or even just holding her legs bent against her belly to try and let the gas out.  Poor things...I know how hard it is you feel so helpless.  If it doesnt get better call your Dr. 

    Good luck!

  • (normally a lurker here, jumping in)

    My baby boy has been the same way the last couple days. In addition to all the other great suggestions, I've been using a warm sock filled with rice on his tummy. I made it in my hospital childbirth class to use during labor. Just fill a tube sock with rice and tie it off at the end. Heat in the microwave until it is warm, and you are good to go! 

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  • Also try putting her on her tummy.  That helped my daughter when her belly hurt.  We would either put her on a blanket on her tummy or across our legs on her tummy.  Both worked great, she sometimes would just prefer one position over the other.  We also used Little Tummies Gripe Water too.


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  • I used Colic Calm gripe water and it helped LO. Now it is only once a day that he gets uncomfortably gassy (around 6am). I massage his tummy and do the leg pump. Pull them straight and then bend them into LO's tummy and push up (like rolling LO into a little ball. Releases gas everytime

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