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the past couple of months AF has been starting on the 9th then the 13th now this month today the 10th. how am i supposed to find out when my O day is if it keeps switching? i always started on the 9th now AF has decided to my a real pain in the butt because my DH and i are wanting to have a little one. i know to chart my temp but my i have been using the O calender. this month however idk what cyle day i need to put in?!?! 28? 29? 30? please help!! thanks!!
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  • The day your period starts has no bearing on the day you ovulate.

    QUIT USING THE OVULATION CALENDAR. I believe I've already told you this. It will not help you. Either use OPKs or chart.

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  • Chart, use OPKs, and use Fertility Friend.
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  • Absolutely everything that PP suggested plus there's something to be said for having sex every two days during your off time. DS was conceived over 4 weeks after the first day of AF. My due date was two weeks earlier before the confirmation ultrasound.

    I had even gotten my negative pregnancy test for the month (2 weeks after I charted O by temp, AF a couple of days late) and had a couple of drinks on Halloween because there was nooooooo way that I could've been pregnant -- (DS was conceived ~October 28).

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