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Anyone else on pelvic rest?

I had some bleeding early on.  I also had a loss in December.  I'm assuming these are the reasons my doctor put me on pelvic rest.  However, my 1st appointment isn't until I'm about 9 weeks (on October 27th).  If they were that concerned, wouldn't they have me come in earlier?

Also, the nurse said that pelvic rest means no intercourse, no exercising, no heavy lifting, no vaccuuming.  Of course, like every other crazy pregnant woman, I've been Googling 'pelvic rest' and have found some women whose doctors have given them more restrictions than that when they are on pelvic rest.  So I was just wondering a) What is you reason for being on pelvic rest?   and b) What specific restrictions did your doctor give you? 

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Re: Anyone else on pelvic rest?

  • I am on pelvic rest until further notice because of heavy spotting last week.  The doc just listed no intercourse, no heavy lifting, and generally just staying off my feet. 

    My appointment is also not until I'm about 9 weeks, but it still doesn't seem like my doctor wants to see me any sooner.

  • I have no idea about the vacuuming!  I've talked to 2 different nurses at the doctor's office on 2 different occassions and they both mentioned 'no vacuuming'.  That being said, our house is all hardwood floors except for our living room so it's not too big of a deal.  My husband has been doing it :)
    Addison Lily--Sept. 14, 2006 Evelynn Rose-- May 18, 2012
  • I was on it with my last pregnancy for placenta previa and pre-term labor.  My instructions were the same as yours except no mention of vacuuming. 
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  • My guess with the vacuuming would be so you don't twist and turn and some people say its like a workout for them. Hope everything gets better!
  • I'm on pelvic rest after our first IVF.  Going on four weeks now.  My restrictions were no lifting over 25lbs and no intercourse.  No mention of vacuuming.  I am so ready for it to be over, but we have to wait till at least our first ultrasound in two weeks.

     They are just trying to be extra cautious.  My RE puts all IVF  patients on it till at least 6 weeks for that reason.  Just to be extra safe.


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  • Hi!  I just intro'd above.  I am currently on pelvic rest.  First it was until we saw a heartbeat (which we hope will be tomorrow!), but when we went last week for an u/s to see the gestational sac my doctor also found a cyst the size of an orange.  So now I'm on pelvic rest until that resolves itself, hopefully in about 4-5 weeks.  She specifically said no intercourse and no exercise.  I've heard the vacuuming thing before because of the muscles you end up using when vacuuming.  
  • I am because of spotting and a possible small tear in my uterus (which caused the spotting, but doesn't affect the baby...weird).  They told me the same thing, didn't mention vacuuming though. I had a sonogram last week when i spotted and saw the baby and heartbeat, I have another one on Wednesday to check on the possible tear.  I am hoping I am not on pelvic bedrest all of first trimester (like I was the first time around) because it is really hard not to carry our daughter.  
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  • BGoBGo member

    I am on pelvic rest due to a low lying placenta at 21 weeks. My husband is just thrilled. At least we get another u/s in a few weeks and maybe could confirm that the little MMA fighter residing in my belly is in fact a girl. She was shy last weekend and after some coaxing she opened her legs enough that the u/s tech said it's "probably a girl," but I don't ever buy "probably." So I guess it's a blessing in disguise.

    I hate the "no heavy lifting." I can live without sex (although that is not easy either, especially with the 2nd trimester libido boost). I am just lucky I don't have a toddler to pick up. Though I do have a monstrous >15 lb cat who likes to escape my home every chance she gets, and I was told no lifting >10lbs. Then there's the fear factor, where they've got you so nervous that you're looking for blood every time you go to the bathroom even though you KNOW that it's highly unlikely and will probably resolve itself. Good luck ladies!

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