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Don't know if I belong here

Hi ladies. I'm not quite sure what board I belong on. I have had recurring losses (just had my 5th) and will be undergoing treatment with my RE to try again. I had 4 losses before having my DS. After the 4th loss, my RE had me use injectables to increase my uterine lining, and I has a successful pregnancy. I am now with a different RE because we moved out of state, and this RE does not agree with my old RE. I will be undergoing testing again, even though I've had it all already. I seem to be able to get pregnant easily (don't hate me) but cannot keep it. I've been told to expect an 80% m/c rate, which sucks. I don't really feel that TTCAL is the right place for me since I definitely have fertility issues. Anyway, sorry for my rambling. I'm just hoping to find some support.
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Re: Don't know if I belong here

  • Sounds like you belong to me! Welcome! I hope your stay is short and sweet!
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  • Welcome! You are in the right place... secondary infertility is a hell of its own... sorry to see you here. Hope your new RE has some answers and your stay here is quick!


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  • Welcome!  I am pretty sure there are some other posters that have recurring losses as well.  Unfortunately it sounds like you do belong here.
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  • Welcome! I am very sorry that you belong here, but you are welcome here.


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  • Sounds like this is a good place for you.  I also bounce around on TTTC and TTCAL but I have found that this board is the one I relate to best.  I'm so sorry for your losses.  Good luck to you!

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  • How do they know that your m/c rate is 80%?  Have they diagnosed you with something that has an 80% m/c rate? 

    After going through the 2IF 'process', I am very skeptical of doctors.  Personally, I have been to 3 REs and have been told 3 different things, and been suggested 3 different protocols. 

    IMO, doctors don't listen to their patients enough, so you have to do what feels right for you.  If this doctor isn't it, then find someone who is.

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